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Analysis of A Hero by R.K Narayan

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How does R.K Narayan entertain the reader? R.K Narayan is an astute writer, throughout the story of ?A Hero? he ulitised many literary devices to entertain and attach the readers mind into the story. These devices consisted of the wide and frequent use of juxtaposition, compelling, persistent figurative language, phonology and characterisation. All these devices fluctuate for describing the humourously characterised Swami. R.K Narayan also used language components to brush up the readers humourous emotions depicted by the dialogues of young Swami. All these components help develop the great statement of ironic courage shown by young Swami. On the other hand the readers aren?t only entertained by the humourous sides of the story but R.K Narayan also brings the element of stereotypical household family. R.K Narayan entertains the reader by creating stereotypical inter family quarrels. The story?s theme not only consists of courage but also family. The portrayal of childish imagination is shown continuously alongside the setting of the Night (dark). R.K Narayan entertains the reader by utilising the elements of figurative language. ...read more.


The juxtaposition also frames an effect on the readers. The readers use the juxtaposition to compare Swami to the boy in the newspaper throughout the story alongside Swami?s actions and by doing this it also creates humor. The humour is created when the reader juxtaposes the two different courageous acts, one where a real hero is seen and Swami ; where his great imagination gives him his life back. The greatest attribution by R.K Narayan to entertain the reader is the ironic view of the character of Swami, his courageous act and his dialogues. This irony brings great humour towards the reader ? Ayio! Something has bitten me, went forth an agonized, thundering cry? from this quotation you can see the relation of the ironic title of the story. The irony seen in this quotation mostly originated is when comparison of his courageous act with the boy in the newspaper and the irony of courage portrayed through Swami?s action. This effects the reader because the irony creates humour and it is the main way the Swami?s characterisation expels elements of humor. ...read more.


Father is see a man of his words: stern, uncompromising and strict like they ?Like Father like Son?. R.K Narayan tries to show that Father decision towards Swami was a lesson of courage, where Swami earns his courage. This entertains the reader because it leads Swami?s mind ticking with ideas of abscond, this element of the story fabricates humor after the uncompromising and unforgiving Father. The Father characteristics help R.K Narayan build a revealing and understanding family humour to the contains of the story. As a Conclusion to the laughing therapy elements of R.K Narayan to the excellent representation of a stereotypical family. The ways R.K Narayan fabricates the reader into the story is by the use of simple, and elegant Literary and Language devices to portray characteristics, humour and irony. The reader is entertain highly by the utilisation of reader reflection by the characteristics depicted by R.K Narayan character of Swami and his relationship with Father. R.K Narayan entertains the reader by the use of charaterised family, childish humour and elements of literary and language devices with the twist of irony. R.K Narayan puts a moral to the story that courage is everything, strength and age isn?t important and that with courage you can do anything. ...read more.

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