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Analysis of a persuasive speech delivered by Hilary Clinton concerning womans rights.

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English Janice Yu 12D Analysis of a speech delivered by Hilary Clinton concerning woman?s right This is an extract from a famous speech delivered by Hilary Clinton concerning woman?s right on September 5, 1995. This speech addresses problems that every single country faced concerning the freedom and liberties being taken away from women, and why it is important that they receive these freedoms. The goal of this speech is to raise awareness of people about human rights and achieve a greater equality and opportunity for women around the world. She uses a rhetorical question ?wasn?t it after the women?s conference in Nairobi ten years ago that the world focused for the first time on the crises of domestic violence?? to arouse attention from the audience. ...read more.


Even today, there are those who are trying to silence our words.? It is repeated to emphasize that the voices of woman should not be covered but heard ?loud and clear?. Apart from making reference to all the women in their own lives, she also talks about appalling things that women have had to put up with: rape, abortion, burning and honor killings which highlighted the different horrifying experiences women are put through. By saying all these, she successfully evokes the emotion from its listeners. Human rights and women's rights are still violated every day, but Clinton has successfully informed exactly what has been going on around the country, which is also one of the goals of this speech. ...read more.


She is trying to make the relation between ?human rights? and ?woman rights? interchangeable and acceptable for the world. Clinton explains that there is a problem in women not having equal rights, and her solution is to create a world in which women are treated with dignity, exempt of discrimination. This speech is powerful using examples, repetitions and emotional words to give impact on people around the world. This is particularly influential as it was made in Beijing where the records of human rights are not good. Clinton successfully strengthens women, families, and societies in order to empower women to taking control of their lives and not be subject to discrimination. This speech is a success and draws people?s attention on equality between men and women. (611 words) ...read more.

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