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Analysis of a spontaneous speech.

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Analysis of a spontaneous speech. Sunday 03 October 2004. Lunch: Hannah (me), Mum, Dad, and Madeline (sister) This is an extract from a conversation on 3rd October-a Sunday lunch. Context refers to the conditions in which something exists or occurs. Linguistically, this is the part of a conversation, surrounding a word or passage, which helps to make its meaning clear. The context of this speech is very informal, colloquial and chatty, as it is simply a family lunch. This speech contains much overlapping and interrupting, which is a very common feature of spontaneous speech. Overlaps and interruptions can illustrate that speakers are struggling to gain power in a dialogue, as the rules of turn taking can be disturbed. Dad: You told me off (.) you told me off for actually Mum: No I didn't tell you off for making a comment Hannah: Oh yea I know I hate that oh I just hate that walk urghh? Mum: So you've got to make sure you get? ...read more.


but this could also lead to losing it if they disrupt the flow of conversation and allow the listener to take over. Mum: I just told her that you will take every chance to take ? you'll take any opportunity to ? Hannah: I did walk to the ? I did walk there! Above, shows a case of a false start and a self-clarification, consecutively. The false start is when Mum was going to say one thing, but changed her mind and started to say something else, but then got interrupted anyway. The self-clarification was when Hannah was about to say that she did walk somewhere, but then corrects herself, and just uses the word "there", to say where she walked. There are many declaratives in this speech, which often suggest power of that speaker, which more often than not, is Mum. Mum: No I didn't tell you off for making a comment. Mum: I walked with Sylvia on my own! ...read more.


This is shown below, where it can clearly be sent hat Mum is trying to change the discussion topic, and line 34, the last line, Mum has regained the power, and set the agenda. Mum: Did you walk with me? Madeleine: Did you? Hannah: Yes. I walked with you and Sylvia ? Madeleine: Yea but that was half the way! Mum: Anyway ? Hannah: No I walked! Mum: Well it doesn't matter now! Hannah: Why was I ahead of you guys then? Madeleine: Don't know (3) Because you walked backwards and then you turned around and went the other way again. Hannah: Oh well I don't know all I know is that I did a lot of walking! Mum: So that ermm seems quite a good arrangement right? Hopefully my you'll be able to work on Boxing Day. In summary, Dad says very little throughout the conversation, while Mum, Madeleine and Hannah share the power and agenda setting issues throughout. Mum has the most power, which is clear because she often interrupts, and by the end of the conversation, she has regained the power, without too much effort. ...read more.

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