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analysis of A View From the Bridge

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A view from the bridge What do you think the play gained from the development of the role of Beatrice for the London performance of 'A View from the Bridge'? Beatrice is the wife of Eddie Carbone in the play A view from the Bridge. She is a peacemaker, warm hearted and reasonable. With both parents ceased away, Catherine is looked after by Beatrice with a motherly affection. Beatrice is a character without a lot of lines, however, the facts she conveys usually have great impact on the play. The development of the role of Beatrice therefore can help the audience understand the play better. The development of Beatrice's role can add dramatic interest to the play. In a domestic scene Beatrice is often a listener as Eddie and Catherine converse, however, during the scene when Eddie knows Catherine has got a job, it is Beatrice who tells Eddie about her job and the pay. ...read more.


This is evident in the line '...Was there any fella that he (Eddie) liked for you? There wasn't, was there?' and with Beatrice telling Catherine to act more maturely while Eddie is present, this should have told the audience the special attachment between the uncle and niece, whether or not the audience has understood this from the clues in the earlier sections of the play. In her conversation with Eddie Beatrice none the less conveyed to the audience that she thinks Eddie is in love with Catherine. This can be seen from the line 'when are you gonna leave her alone?' which implies that Beatrice is being concerned about the excessive love and care shown by Eddie towards Catherine. To certain extent Beatrice also prepares the audience for what is going to happen. ...read more.


Despite it all, Beatrice is truly needed by Eddie just before his death. This is evident form the concluding line of Eddie 'My B.!' As Eddie lies in Beatrice's arms, dying, this signifies the realization of Beatrice's importance by Eddie. Eddie was unable to control his emotions towards Catherine and his unreasonable anger and jealousy towards Rodolpho raged Catherine. The downscale of their relationship means the only woman he can rely on at the end, is Beatrice. The scene may cause the audience to feel sorry for Eddie, as he is finally returning to Beatrice, seeking for her forgiveness. To conclude, Beatrice is used by the author to communicate with the audience when the plot is not clearly conveyed, or when the need of explanation arises. She is also used to create tension and thus add dramatic interest. The development of Beatrice's role in the London version of A View from the Bridge is therefore vital. ...read more.

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