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Analysis of "I wanna be yours" by John Cooper Clarke.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked The poem ?I wanna be yours? is written by John Cooper Clarke. He is a punk poet with a strong anti-establishment streak where he rejects the conventions of traditional fidelity that characterizes traditional love poetry. The poet chooses ordinary objects seen as metaphors to express his love and to assert his desire to be useful and protective towards his lover. The overall theme of the poem is his all-consuming love for his lover. The title ?i wanna be yours? is used as a refrain which signifies the loss of control showed by the narrator dues to the overwhelming passion he feels for the woman The first stanza consists of useful objects through which the narrator compares himself. The poem begins with the personification of the first useful object ?vacuum cleaner?. ...read more.


The third useful object is a metaphor ?coffee hot/coffee pot?. The metaphor of the coffee conveys the narrator?s wish to provide emotional warmth to the lover. His willingness and submissive nature are conveyed in the line ?you call the shots?. The imagery of commodities in the first stanza is used to illustrate his love. The second stanza compares the narrator to a bunch of romantic objects. It begins with the line ?let me be your raincoat?. This shows his protective nature. ?rainy days? can refer to the sorrowful days of the woman. This conveys that the narrator is willing to provide comfort and protection. ?dream boat? is another romantic object. All the metaphors show that he wants to be a part of her everyday life. ...read more.


It also reinforces how deep his devotion is. There is a change ?i don?t wanna be hers?. It sights his intention to be faithful to the lovers, rejecting all other women. It implies a previous or current relationship that the narrator had with another woman. Each idea in the poem is expressed in couplets. The use of enjambment in the poem captures the narrator?s passionate feeling towards the woman. The anaphora in the poem ?let me be? captures the poet?s emotions. This poem gives heap of details about his endless love for the woman. The litany of household objects he wants to be to get closer to his beloved sets off pictures in the mind that hilariously conflict with conventional images of love. There is an extended use of metaphor on the poem based on everyday objects. The poem has a complex rhyme scheme. ...read more.

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