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Analysis of Inspector Goole.

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An Inspector Calls Essay- Inspector Goole I will be writing an analysis of Inspector Goole, who is the detective investigating a future death. Apparently the Birling's have something to do with the death, so the inspector sets out to uncover the truth. The Inspector does not shy away from honesty when explaining to the Birling's about what had allegedly happened. He clearly states that an innocent girl was involved in some way with the family and does not deny that they have something to do with her death. A clearly visible reason of Goole's presence is to get Gerald and the Birling's to admit to their shameful ways. He uses juxtaposition with the comfortable atmosphere surrounding him and the obvious wealth of the family. Inspector Goole is central to the play and is extremely commanding. He intimidates the other characters, even Mr and Mrs Birling, who are used to intimidating others and being obeyed. J.B Priestley uses 1912 as the setting of the play as class division was at its worse in that era, and therefore presents the contrast between working class and upper class and how they were treated differently because of economical reasons and there financial status. ...read more.


The Inspector is about fifty years old, and looks hard at the person he addresses before actually speaking, perhaps to intimidate the Birling's and Gerald or maybe is just merely making up his mind of what to say. Goole's character is shown to have the power of presence which he used to overcome the arrogance of the Birling family. Inspector Goole is presented as a police inspector, there to investigate the death of Eva smith. Eva committed suicide by swallowing disinfectant. He is seen as the narrator of Eva's life and is also used as a tool which Priestley presents his attitudes and feelings of social division by. Goole is Sheila's confessor; this is because the inspector was the only one that could get Sheila to admit to her wrong doings. His method of working was "one person and one line of enquiry at a time." By viewing each member one by one he is showing that he is not intimidated by the Birling's and that they are no different to anyone else even if they are higher up in the social ladder. ...read more.


When the interrogation starts he shows a photograph, the others start to pry so "The inspector interposes himself in between them and the photograph." The stage direction shows that the order of the investigation is important to the inspector because Goole stops the others seeing the photo, seeing as it was not their turn at that present time. Leaving Eric till last, makes him more and more impatient. Whilst talking to Mr and Mrs Birling and Gerald the inspector speaks harshly. He is commanding and authorative "and that's why I am here, and why I'm not going until I know what happened to Eva..." his intention was to shock the Birling's and Gerald into realizing their errors, which he clearly did. "Yes she was in great agony...." Goole gives a moralistic speech in the end. His words in the closing speech, "If men will not learn, they will be taught in fire, blood and anguish." the tone of the speech is serious and warning, whilst the content of the speech is seen as apocalyptic. Priestley uses the ending passage as a message from himself displaying that world war one should start shortly and more than a million deaths alone would occur. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Jade Hannah Yr 11 - Austen 7 English - Ms Page ...read more.

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