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Analysis of Joe's account of the accident in "Touching the void".

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´╗┐The writer uses a number of different writing techniques which suggests the whole climbing experience as torturous and damaging, he does this by including many action verbs such as 'hit' and ?catapulted? which shows the forceful impact which(which, which, which! I know this is a draft but when you write tomorrow read over your sentences to make sure they flow) emphasises the extreme pain Joe would have felt. The writer also uses audio visual imagery by the use of verbs such as ?shattering blow? and ?splitting? that helps to build an image of the physical pain in Joe as he felt a 'blow in? his ?knees.' A ?Shattering blow? also represents a deathly explosion, The explosive imagery and the action verbs together attempt to transfer the disorientation, pace and pain involved in his fall. This would inspire fear and an appreciation of how suddenly and catastrophically things can go wrong. ...read more.


My opinion changed of the climbing experience as exciting in the introduction of the extract to frightening and relentless while knowing Joe?s struggles when facing the mountain. The metaphorical phrase, 'then pain flooded' creates destructive image in the readers' minds which shows the mountain and the climbing experience as ruthless that Joe has no control over. The phrase 'fierce burning fire' is also a metaphorical phrase that forms hell-like images and is the complete opposite to the description of the ?flooding pan?. The water and fire imagery is caused by nature, and suggests nature is working against him. Its clear that nature is a huge part of the climbing experience, the writer shows this by using water and fire imagery to show Joe?s battle against the mighty mountain of the Suila Grande. The 'grotesque distortion? in his knees is a graphic description that describes not only the physical state but also the emotional state of mind. ...read more.


Repetition of the word ?if? is used in paragraph four to show how Joe is thinking of the worst case scenario. This a deliberate writing structure by the writer to imply that the climbing experience is very frightening and agonizing when Joe mentions ?death sentences.? He also uses first person, ?I?ve broken my leg? which makes his terror very personal to the reader. He uses short sentences such as ?I?m dead? and admits defeat which goes against his determination and courage earlier on in the passage. This evidently shows that Joe?s climbing experience took him through a rollercoaster of emotions within short periods of time. Joe is arguing with himself, trying to convince himself that 'it doesn't hurt so much' the tonality of the sentence changes when an unrealistic glimmer of hope comes to Joe by saying ?maybe I?ve just ripped something.? ...read more.

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