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Analysis of Katherina’s Character

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Darren Kotiah Analysis of Katherina's Character In Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew there was one character that was adapted in many forms which is Katherina the shrew. If she was tamed, liberated or she was trying to surprise everyone by her acting, she was actually tamed. I will present arguments for and against these points. Katherina: The Whipped Shrew There is a lot of evidence that Petruchio had tamed Katherina. For instance, in the opening scene of the play, Katherina is very vocal and aggressive. All of the people in Padua feared when she came around including her family. An example of this is when Katherina is talking to her father about his love for her sister. "What, will you not suffer me? Nay, now I see She is your treasure, she must have a husband And, for your love to her, lead apes in hell. Talk not to me! I will go sit and weep Till I can find occasion of revenge." From the moment Petruchio had met Katherina, he was determined to tame the shrew. Petruchio immediately begins his taming process on her. After Katherina and Petruchio got married, Katherina try's to declare control in her life. Katherina is struggling to remain in control in her life. ...read more.


It would take longer to cure Katherina's attitude problem. However with this in mind, it is very likely she was liberated by Petruchio to control her temper or she might of acted that she was tamed. Katherina: The Liberated Shrew Since that Petruchio could not have tamed her in a short period of time, it might be possible that she was liberated by Petruchio. At the end of the play, a widow and Bianca were called by their suitors but they refused. Petruchio then calls for Katherina, everyone did not expect her to come out but she did and with the other two. If she was tamed she would have come with the other women in her grips. It is more likely she would have come out alone, saying "Yes, my darling Petruchio, what can I do for thee?" Instead, she forces the other two women to come out and to be obedient to their husbands, still showing that aggression from the beginning of the play. This is evidence that Petruchio has liberated Katherina in the way that she no longer needs to be brash and aggressive, but she can use her assertiveness for her husband's advantage but more importantly for her own advantage. Really, both of them are great together with Petruchio's great ability to use his mind at the drop of the hat and Katherina's strong will and stubbornness. ...read more.


I think she is liberated because she still shows some of her shrewish attitudes during the feast of Lucentio's and Bianca's wedding, when she dragged out the two other women when they had refused to come out when their husbands called for them. If Katherina was tamed, she would not have been aggressive to the two ladies and would have come out by herself leaving the other two behind. If she was acting, it would have been very risky for her because she could have been discovered by her aggressision to the other two ladies. If she was liberated, and to be equal with Pertruchio, she would of acted the way she did, aggressive to the people who don't respect their husbands authority. I think what Katherina was trying to show was that if you respect your husbands you will be treated equal to your husband. When Katherina gave some of her attitude to Petruchio he gave some back to her showing equality and respect. She knows that she does not compromise in what she believes in but just what she does and what she says. In conclusion, I think Katherina was not just the only one who got liberated during the play, but Petruchio as well. Both of them change dramatically through the play. There characteristics expand throughout the play and at the end they become better people. Katherina released from her shrewish behaviour and Petruchio released from his bossy, dominating masculine persona. ...read more.

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