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Analysis of Media Text: Moulin Rouge

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Analysis of Media Text: Moulin Rouge Moulin Rouge directed by Baz Luhrmann and was made in 2001. This story is about a penniless writer falls in love with a courtesan, however Satine the courtesan has been promised to someone else, the Duke. The film is set in Paris in the year 1899. Paris at that time was practicing new ideals called the Bohemian ideals that are; "freedom, beauty, truth and love". Paris is an ideal location for this film as it is well known for its romantic semblance. At the end of the film, both characters Satine and Christian reunite but this also results in the catastrophic death of Satine. In the following essay I am going to demonstrate how the director Baz Luhrmann exploits cinematographic techniques to create meaning for his audience in Moulin Rouge. At the very beginning of the film, the audience is shown a screen with curtains, it is interesting to see that the features of that particular scene was that it had elements of older movies. The scene was in black and white, Luhrmann purposely did this to show the audience that this film is set in the past. ...read more.


When Satine is shown at the Moulin Rouge, there is a blue filter used when the she appears for the first time in the movie. This connects Satine with Christian, when at the beginning Christian is show with a blue filter. Luhrmann uses a lot of popular culture in this film. He manages to include big hits in scenes where song seems appropriate. 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' by Marilyn Munroe is used at the Satine's entrance. Another prime example is when Christian and Satine are up in the elephant tower, they both sing many famous love songs. This scene is known as the 'Elephant love melody'. Throughout the movie, songs by many famous artists have been used; this is done so the audience can refer present day culture in past time Paris. At the elephant tower when the love melody is sung, both Christian and Satine unite and hold hands: The camera rotates around them and there are computer generated firework effects in the background. Luhrmann did this to express the connection between Christian and Satine showing their love and affection. In another scene Christian is seen dancing around famous monuments of Paris like the Eiffel tower, the moon has been personified and is singing. ...read more.


Also, when 'love' is typed, there is a in the tone of music which helps emphasise the word. Curtains shut in the same fashion in which they were opened at the beginning, signalling the end. However, this time it is in red, a major colour used in the movie. Luhrmann has his own unique techniques of directing. He devised various camera usages to convey various effects on his audience. In his work he includes different that people are familiar with. His use of pop culture is greatly evident in Moulin Rouge. He has managed to include many famous songs written by very famous individuals. He would use lyrics of these songs in such a way that it would relate to the emotional state of the characters in the movie. From this movie it would seem that Baz Luhrmann sue of colour is a major part of his techniques. The colours he uses create a lot of interpretations of the meaning of using these colours, red and blue being prominent throughout the film. Overall, Baz Luhrmann has directed a great movie. Many critics have criticised this movie because of many reasons. However, his talent used in the Moulin Rouge, which he has devised and implemented can be stated as displaying the art of cinematography at its very best. Abdullah Ahmed GCSE English - 1 - ...read more.

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