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Analysis of "On First Looking Chapman's Homer" by John Keats

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Josh Goldfarb Analysis of "On First Looking Chapman's Homer" by John Keats There are many different varieties of poetry, everything from long epic poems to small sonnets. Many small poems don't make much sense the first time they are read because even though they are short they have so much hidden meaning, mutating it to a long meaningful poem. A major technique that poets use in hiding the meaning is allusions. By using allusions in the poem they extend the meaning of the simple words on the page. For example, "On First Looking Chapman's Homer" by John Keats an Italian sonnet. The allusions in this poem give many different effects such as specifying certain events to add meaning and enhancing the imagery. ...read more.


This shows that poets are servants of a god, in this case Apollo, who he shows his dedication to. One very interesting fact about these pieces is that Keats relates many of his line to Homer. For example, in line six That deep browed Homer ruled as his demesne this allusion relates to Homers intellect by using the word "Deep browed." These allusions show and relate to people in history and intense the meaning of the poem, however, allusions extend beyond history. Imagery is a large part in any poem that intensifies the readers understanding of the poem. Many allusions in the poem intensify the imagery, for example, Yet did I never breathe its pure serene the imagery in this statement depicts a bright clear sky and the clear air. ...read more.


By using allusions to add to the imagery expands the meaning as well as specifying an event that adds much to the poem. This Italian sonnet is full of allusions that are not visible to the average reader, however, when looked at under a lens they appear adding much to the poem the reader must be aware of the allusion and must be familiar with what it alludes to. By using the allusions the author helps the reader visualize by creating a mental picture. Keats poem having many allusions in it creates a great effect on the imagery as well as the relation to people throughout history. A piece full of allusions will evoke thought, however in the reader is not well read the images that should be instilled in their mind will be absent. ...read more.

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