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Analysis of Pg 138- 140 (To Kill A Mockingbird)

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Shafaq Yaqoob Look at ?To Kill a Mockingbird?, pages 138/139/140. Start at ?Before Bedtime.? Closely analyse the passage: * What does it tell us about each of the characters and the society they live in? * Think about how the language helps reveal character, sometimes through humour and irony. * Can you relate the passage to the broader themes on the novel? In this excerpt, Lee reveals us to the pressures of society on Scout and Jem. We know that Atticus brought them up in a way that they did not care about their social status due to his ideals of equality which he also wants his children to inherit. ...read more.


This sudden change of behaviour is not Atticus?s own choice but we see that Aunt Alexandra is behind as Atticus refers to ?she?, when talking about gentle breeding. We as a reader do not find it surprising as we can expect this from her due to her narrow minded thoughts. This is not the first time we see Aunt Alexandra stepping in and trying to change Scout?s and Jem?s ways. We also see her scolding Scout for wearing breeches instead of a dress, when they visit the Finch Landing on Christmas. In front of his children, Atticus was persevering as he was finding it difficult to talk about social status as he has been teaching them about treating everyone the equally even if it is from the white community of Maycomb or the Black community. ...read more.


The crying might be an attempt to bring back the old Atticus which does work. Seeing Scout cry Atticus does realise that the idea of social status does not appeal to his children instead asks them to forget about it. This does relieve Scout as the blood in her legs starts to flow again. In the end Scout realizes her father's struggle dealing with carrying on the Finch's name, being a parent that lives to the expectations of his family, and still believing in his own separate views. "I know what he was trying to do, but Atticus was only a man. It takes a woman to do that kind of work."However she also knows that teaching manners and acting as the motherly figure was the role of a woman, during that time period. ...read more.

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