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Analysis of quotes from "The thief and the dogs".

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Kristan Tyra Important Quotations Explained "Have you forgotten, Ilish, how you used to rub against my leg like a dog?" This is the first of many quotations referring to Said's enemies as dogs. Said sees himself as the "trainer" of Ilish before he betrayed him. Said had taught Ilish how to steal from the rich and not get caught; and how to fend for himself. Said had taught Ilish how to survive only for Ilish to betray Said and marry his wife. Throughout the novel, Said will refer to other characters as dogs. It remains a mystery which character truly is the dog, and which one is the thief. ...read more.


The headstones raised in surrender are symbols of the bodies lying beneath them and how those bodies succumbed to the inevitable. I love how Naguib Mahfouz describes the graveyard as a city with complete opposites residing in harmony. You know, I guess I never really thought about death that way- the only thing that truly unifies all people is death. It does not matter who you are or what you do or who you know, we will all experience death. "Suddenly, he was assailed by light. It shone all around him, so powerful that it struck him with the force of a blow, making him shut his eyes." ...read more.


These two quotes are good, but together, they are genius! In both instances, the blinding light was in the context of Said getting caught. One would think the first blinding light would have turned him around, but he never slowed down. There is a lot of irony in these quotes considering he never changed his ways. The light never stayed bright, at the end the light faded into eternal darkness. "How did you spend your time?" "Between the graves and the shadows." Here, Nur is trying to carry on a conversation with Said after a hard day on the job. The phrase "between the graves and the shadows" is a foreshadowing to Said's destiny. At the end of the novel, Said's final breath is between the graves and shadows of the cemetery he and Nur had admired. It's a bittersweet for-telling of Said's final moments. ...read more.

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