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Analysis of 'The lake of Innisfree'

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James Levine Analysis of 'The lake of Innisfree' This poem is about an island called Innisfree. It is a beautiful open area surrounded by wildlife. Keats is from Sligo himself and Sligo is very near to the island called Innisfree. The island is very small and is situated in a bay. When Keats writes this poem he is in London at the time, and the poem is circulated around his memories of his island and contrasting it with the dullness of London. An example of this is 'pavements grey' which describes the dullness and how London is colourless. This is the contrast as the island is colourful and instead of pavements there would be grass. He then uses the phrase 'I will arise and go now' this is emphatic which means he wants to do it immediately. This emphasises his discontent of being in London. He then thinks into the future about how he's going to build his house there and contrasts it to the London, concrete houses. ...read more.


This is another example of contrast. In line 5 there is the phrase 'for peace comes droppings slow'. the main word in this phrase is peace. There is the idea of peacefulness, calmness, quietness and harmony which in itself give the idea of relaxation, not stress, calm and an anger free environment. The peace refers to the literal silence 'dropping slow' - this means in order to feel peaceful you have to wait, it takes time and is slow as you need to concentrate and focus. There is also a metaphor behind the word 'dropping' which gives the idea of a tap dripping into a bucket, when the bucket is full peacefulness is achieved. In order for the bucket to fill though, you have to be patient as it's a slow process. 'dropping from the veils of the morning'. a veil is a piece of material that usually hides something. ...read more.


The water lapping is another calm sound which suggests tranquillity. It's as if he's being tempted by the sounds of nature. Line 11- the grey, dull pavements contrast with the 'purple noon' in verse 2. 'I hear it in my deep hearts core'. the core of an apple is the centre, the soul in a human or the heart. This means that he's experiencing a desire that fills his whole body and that he really wants to go. The phrase 'I will arise and go now' is a quotation from the bible and the story of the prodigal son. The phrase itself comes from the exact part where he's had enough of cleaning and eating with the pigs and is 'I will arise and go to my father' (Luke 15 v18). It means you should do what you really want to do . In the story, the son goes back to his father and in the verse Keat's wants to return to his homeland (Innisfree). ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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