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Analysis of the Red Room

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How 'The Red Room' conforms to the gothic genre Setting * The active setting of the Red Room is that it is in an isolated, ancient castle, beginning to decay ever so slightly with age. These features are apparent in the quotes "The great red room of Lorraine Castle...The long subterranean passage was chilly and dusty". These elements are conventions of the Gothic genre because they are linked to irrationality and loneliness in the way that the castle is isolated from anything anywhere near typical human standards, and irrationality in the way that an image of a deserted and dilapidated castle is associated with all kinds of media in the gothic. * The Red Room itself conforms to the gothic, even in its given title. If you were to speculate the connotations of red, which are danger, blood and hell, and then consider the use of the word in the room's name, you would know that the room was one that a pleasant experience would not be occurred in. ...read more.


which could therefore indicate that this night is different from the others, and makes the atmosphere tenser as the narrator does not appear to comprehend what the old lady is saying. * In the red room the atmosphere is similar to that of a horror movie. Even though the only tangible thing in the room is the narrator, from the text there is a feeling that somebody, or something to be more precise is watching you * After the narrator has left the red room, the atmosphere has shifted from the curiosity from the beginning of the story, then pure terror in the red room, to finally in this scenario, to a form of relief in actually knowing what existed from behind the walls of the haunted room. The idea of it being just fear that lurks in the room is given firstly by the narrator and then confirmed by the man with the shade, whose voice we had only heard ever once before. ...read more.


When the candles begin to extinguish, the man initially begins to think that there is a ghost there, something that will have neither light nor company. * When the narrator comes out of the room, when the narrator confirms there is something in there, the old lady's and the man with the withered arms' immediate reply is that is an apparition of some description. They would probably come to this conclusion because in their times, when something was unexplained, a ghost was an obvious and easy answer to blame it upon. Fear involves slightly more thinking, and it seems that the man in the shade is better at that than the man with the withered arm. You can tell this because he is silent often, and this is apparent in the quote "The man with the shade became aware of my presence for the first time, and threw his head back for a moment and sideways, to see me. I caught a momentary glimpse of his eyes, small and bright and inflamed." ...read more.

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