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Analysis of the themes of pairs and communication in "Much Ado About Nothing".

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Brendan Lee Ms. Catherine Wiebusch English II ? G March 16, 2011 Much Ado About Nothing Essay Often times in theatrical performances, the key component that creates the plot and the storyline of the play are the characters. In many Shakespearean plays, arguably an inspiration for modern theater, the relationship between the characters is what creates the plot. In Much Ado About Nothing, the story revolves around two pairs of lovers: Claudio and Hero, and Benedict and Beatrice, and their passage to marriage. Benedick and Beatrice share an intimate, conflicting relationship whereas Hero and Claudio fall in love at first sight. In the play, Shakespeare uses doubles and pairings to emphasize the importance of the existence of communication between cou ples, explain how deception is used in various ways to interact with characters, and to depict and define the style of Shakespeare. With the pairs Benedick and Beatrice, and Claudio and Hero, the significance of the existence of communication between one another is vital. In a play with many deceptive schemes and events happening at the same time, it is vital for characters to be talking to each other and utilize this in order to reduce confusions and conflicts. ...read more.


In the play, deception is used to benefit or corrupt pairs. The readers know from going through the general storyline that the play is full of deception. Many of the characters use deception in either positive or negative ways. One example of deception used in a negative connotation is by the villain Don John. Don John and his men use deception several times in the play. The first time is when Don John tries to make Claudio think that Don Pedro, who said he will manipulate Hero into loving Claudio, another beneficial deception, is actually taking the chance to flirt with her himself. This manipulation causes two characters that are friends to temporarily turn against each other. However, this short-lived trickery is not the only deception that Don John performs. The major deception that Don John and his men perform is when they stage the act of adultery by Hero when it was actually only Borachio and Margaret who was involved. This not only leads the storyline to the tragic climax of the story but also destroys the relationship of Hero and Claudio. ...read more.


Actually, the two were constantly in argument and it was a very combative relationship. Moving away from the typical romance, Shakespeare uses these two characters to start a new type of love scenario that is later evident in other plays. For example, Brutus and Portia from Julius Caesar represent the quarrelsome couple from Much Ado About Nothing. Shakespeare also is able to conclude the story of the two couples in Much Ado About Nothing with one conclusion, which is the wedding. In Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare uses pairs and doublings in order to contribute to the theme of the play. He uses pairs to show the importance of the existence of communication in a relationship. He uses cases like Benedick and Beatrice where the existence of communication can actually be beneficial to the growth of the love between couples. He also uses cases like Hero and Claudio, and Don John and Don Pedro to depict that the absence of communication between people can actually corrupt a relationship, whether it is a loving or brotherly one. Shakespeare utilizes pairs to explain how deception can actually be good or bad. Finally, Shakespeare uses pairs to reflect his own style of play writing and how he likes to construct a plot. ...read more.

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