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Analysis of two stories from Roald Dahl's "Tales of the Unexpected".

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Tales of unexpected The way up to heaven The story is about an old lady, Mrs. Foster, who doesn't like to be late. Her husband teases her by always being a little bit too late, just to make her suffer. One day, she is going to Paris to see her daughter and her family, but she has to wait for her husband to be done, because he is driving with her, to be dropped off at a club. When he finally out in the car with her, he has forgot his present for her daughter, so he goes back into the house to get it. She goes up to the door of their house, but when she is about to open it, she suddenly hears a strange sound and goes back into the car. She tells the driver to go, even though; Mr. Foster is still in the house. She catches her plane and enjoys her time in Paris, but when she gets back home, after six weeks, there is no lead of Mr. Foster. Then she calls a guy, which can come and fix their lift. ...read more.


He stares at the notice and feels like the words are a large black eye that is staring at him, like he is forced to go in, so he decides to do it. A middle-aged woman invites him in and shows him where he is going to sleep, and she keeps talking about how she has been waiting for a young boy like him. He later finds out, when he is about to write in her guestbook, that only two other guys has been staying there, and the latest guest is over two years ago. He finds it strange that he feels like he has heard these two guys' names before. She keeps getting him to drink her tee, and then he suddenly notices that the dog he thought was alive is dead and stuffed. She tells him that she has stuffed them herself. When he sits for a moment, he finds out where he has heard the other guests' names before, he has read about them being missing, in the newspaper. The main character in this story is definitely Billy Weaver, because we are following his moves and thoughts of the weird lady. ...read more.


with a stiff look on his face. "Of course they are, my dear. I'm sure they are enjoying themselves, you shouldn't worry that much." She answered. Billy's eyes flickered and his legs felt so heavy, when he tried to stand up. "Sit down, my dear. It will soon be over" she said, with a calm tone in her voice, like nothing was wrong. Billy couldn't walk, so he sat down again and tried to hold his head still. "Something is wrong with me! What did you give me?" he yelled with a pathetic voice. She smiled and went over to the windows to draw the curtains, and when she sat down again, she started telling him, that she had been looking forward to having such a young boy in the house, and that she had been waiting for him for such a long time. "Why do you want me, you crazy woman?" he said. "You're just perfect, my dear. So young and handsome!" she said, still witch a nice and calming voice. Billy didn't get to say much more, before everything turned black. One month later... "MISSING! A seventeen year old boy named Billy Weaver, last seen in Bath." ?? ?? ?? ?? Mai-Britt Nygaard Rasmussen, 2.d English assignment for 15/9 ...read more.

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