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Analysis on Lake Isle of Innisfree

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The Lake Isle of Innisfree- by William Butler Yeats This poem was first published in the collection 'The Rose' in 1893, at the early stage of Yeats' life. At the time when Yeats was writing this poem, Ireland was divided into two sections; those who supported the British reign and those who wished for Ireland to be independent. Yeats had friends on both sides, but he fell in love with one who has particularly against the idea of British reign. One of Yeats' main interests was myth and Celtic poetry. The Lake Isle of Innisfree illustrates a dream he has of a beautiful natural place on the west side of Ireland. In this respect, Yeats is very similar to Wordsworth. The first line is a reference to the Bible (the Song of Solomon.) Like the spirit after death, rising to heaven. ...read more.


The nine bean-rows are significant because of the nine muses were the handmaidens of Apollo. They symbolize the sustainable, poetic existence. Beans are a good vegetable to grow, as they can be cooked and stored without any complexity. They contain heaps of protein, and if required, one could live on them. 'A hive for the honey bee' each bee has its own social hierarchy, just as humans too. Each type of bee has its own job and purpose. They represent order and society, they very things that Yeats wants to evade. He wants to avoid these parts of human life, but they tag on with him in the form of bees. In the second stanza, morning is personified as a woman hiding behind a veil of glimmer and glow. It creates a very beautiful and peaceful image. ...read more.


The line uses assonance, the repetition of the vowel sounds. The final stanza contains uses of repetition of the first stanza, 'I will arise and go now,' The shore is a boundary, possibly symbolizing the dividing edge between life and death. 'I hear the lake water lapping,' on the island contrasts with 'roadway' and 'pavements grey' in the busy city in the next line .The famous lake in King Arthur is associated with death, but there is always a connection with his beautiful pastoral dream. But the line has a somewhat melancholy feel air about it and a dark suggestion of death. The deep heart is both personal and cultural. Hi deep heart contains the pastoral dream of escape, but the heart of our culture revolves around literature, art and music. The pavements resemble the road towards death and the road through history. It is grey in colour, dull in contrast with nature. A German writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said "Grey s the opposite of life itself, imagined in green and gold. ...read more.

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