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Analysis the development in Romeos character throughout the play.

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Analysis The Development In Romeos Character Throughout The Play Rebecca Simpson In this essay I will be writing about the events that have affected Romeos character. Romeo is one of the two main characters in this essay. Romeo is a Montague, but the other main character in the essay is Juliet, and she is a Capulet. We first see Romeos character developing during the early stages of the play, and quiet dramatically. When Romeo meets Juliet, it is as if he changes from the little boy that he was, to a Man. At the beginning to the play, you see the boy side of him, the immature, childish side and thinking that he is in love with a girls, but really he isn't his making himself feel this way, as he has been declined his love as the girl called Rosaline isn't interested, and is just an obsession by Romeo. And throughout the play he becomes more mature and begins to understand love. Romeo wasn't at yet another brawl in town, against the Capulets and the Montagus. But his mother is worried for him "where is Romeo, saw you him today. Right glad I'm he was not at this fray." This obviously shows that she is concerned for his welfare, but as we know Romeo was not hurt. ...read more.


But Lord Capulet is willing to over look this, as he doesn't want any trouble, to the disgust of Tybalt though. The first time Romeo and Juliet see each other, they are playing with each other, giving the odd glance over and often smiling at each other, generally playing with each other. " Duff she teaches the candles to burn bright." Romeo says this in a meaning of, she is so beautiful, and her glow is a little upon a candle. This shows Romeo at the change in his character, as he has forgotten about Rosaline, and now has his heart on Juliet. This shows that Benvolio was right, in that if he went to the ball he would forget about Rosaline, and will be more enchanted by other beautiful women, such as Juliet. But there is know a block in the romance as they realise that they are form the two families that are deadly enemies. This is taking as a major difficulty, but what happens when Romeo and his friends go to leave proves that it won't be, unless they get caught. Whilst Romeos friends go to go, Romeo heads the other way, in the direction of the Capulet's house. Hopefully in the way of Juliet's room. ...read more.


Juliet's Death. Friar Lawrence gave her a poison that will only put her to sleep, not kill herm but to everyone else, she is dead. This has stopped the wedding and now gives time for a message to reach Romeo and tell hi of the news and what to do. But all gets scrambled up and news is taking the wrong way. Romeo does now in a terrible state of emotion, not owe that is it only a deep sleeping position. He hurries back to Juliet, this shows his love for him and how much he dose care for her. When he sees her he is mortified, and then takes his own life but fiat as it is, Juliet then awakes, and sees Romeo on the floor. She takes it in that he is dead, and the love that she has for him, she wants to be with him, and takes her own life to be with him. She takes the dagger from Romeos pocket, and her last words are, emotional and quiet. They are, " I Love you, and shall be with you soon." She takes the dagger to her heart, and stabs herself. In conclusion to the play and Romeos character changing, he has often changed from the boy that is immature and childish to a caring man, and emotional man, that wouldn't give up on his love... By Rebecca Simpson. ...read more.

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