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Analyze Act 3 scene 1 of Baz Luhrmans modern adaptation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

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I have been looking at act 3 scene 1 of Baz Luhrmans modern adaptation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It is during this section of the play that the fight scene occurs which means drama and tension must be portrayed effectively as this scene is vital to the rest of the play. This is because the marriage of Romeo and Juliet has just taken place and the audience is left unsure as to whether this hastily undergone marriage will last. Romeo adds more to this tension by saying "I am fortunes fool" this shows that even he as a main character in the play is fearful of something going wrong and this makes the audience anticipate the upcoming events. I have also looked at the way Luhrman shows the rivalry between the two households. One of the key differences is the clothing that the two households wear. The Montague's wear light open beach shirts and look rather more approachable and casual than the Capulet's who wear all black leather with metal studs and large black boots who also seem to be much more regimented than the Montague's. ...read more.


Mercutio's dismissive and confident attitude attracts admiration from all the other gang members. Over all by their body language you can tell that the Montague henchmen are not as keen to fight as the Capulet's because they will do as much as they can to avoid confrontation. Romeo is a very placid character until the death of Mercutio and he possible feels that if he had fought Tybalt Mercutio may not have died. He becomes increasingly distraught with guilt and grief for his best friend which drives him to kill Tybalt. Sound effects are always vital in films like this to enhance the dramatic effect and build the tension. The first piece of music you really notice is when the Capulet's Approach the Montague's on the beach it is best described as "gangster music" its quite quiet but noticeable and makes you feel that on of the gangs will lash out at any moment. Then the music fades out the next piece of music comes in when Romeo and Tybalt are fighting on the beach it is very quiet and in the background but flares up every time something bad happens and when Mercutio dies. ...read more.


This is a very ironic piece of film as Tybalt is the man with the gun but Romeo is the more powerful of the two a high angle shot shows this. Tybalt is consumed by guild and fear then drops his gun and scrambles back against the wall. Romeo then picks up the gun and fires into Tybalt close ups on Romeo's face he is crying as he fires the gun into Tybalt who's face is shown in slow motion as his body jerks with the force of the bullets hitting him as this happens a picture of Juliet in bed flashes upon the screen this shows the contrast of these two situations. A high angle shot shows Tybalt floating lifelessly in the water underneath the statue then a high angle shot shows a repentant and tearful Romeo staring up at the statue. You see all the anger drain from him and this is replaced by guilt. During this scene Luhrman uses many techniques to build tension and drama and shows that by using sound , clothing etc. he can play on the the minds of the audience. This is what makes it interesting and gripping to watch. ...read more.

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