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Analyze the dramatic development of Rita’s character. How has she changed by the end of the play?

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Analyze the dramatic development of Rita's character. How has she changed by the end of the play? Jeremy Hurst In this essay I will try to explain the characters of Rita and Frank and how they develop throughout the play. I will also be analyzing their relationship and what they learn from each other. Educating Rita is a two-handler play about a woman in her late twenties who is from a working class background. She decides that she wants to better herself and so enrolls on an Open University course. This is how she meets Frank, her tutor. Frank is a middle aged and well educated and from a middle class background. He has a failed career as a poet and a failed marriage behind him and has turned to drink as away to block out the questions he needs to answer about himself .Rita is at the other end of the scale. She has asked all the questions about herself and realizes she is not happy with her prospects and lifestyle as it stands and is prepared to make the necessary changes to improve herself. The dramatic irony of the whole play is that Rita goes to Frank to become educated .She wants the education he can offer her but, what he doesn't realize, is the value she holds for him. Her fresh thinking, vitality and spirit awakens something which has layer dormant in him for a long time. This is the need to question him in order to not just exist, but to start living again. ...read more.


She has finished hairdressing, and is now working in a Bistro. I think the hairdressing is her last tie to be cut from her previous existence. Her past times have also changed as she has started visiting theatres instead of pubs and her whole circle of friends has become students. Frank is a middle ages man from a middle class background. Once a happy married man enjoyed writing poetry he is now an alcoholic reduced to teaching Open University as a way of finding his habit. He is in a relationship with an ex student who felt sorry for him, she is just on the verge of leaving him for someone who will put her before the drink. When asked by Rita about his relationship he replies 'I like her enormously, it's my self imp not to fond of,' this once again shows his despondency because he is not prepared to make any changes even after admitting this. In the first act you find Rita struggling with the door handle trying to get into Frank' study. He has kept it like this for a reason I think, as a sign. This is the security of being closed from the outside world as is the windows shut as being referred to later. This is ironic because Rita is like the one who is if u wants rescuing him, and is fixing his door handle, opening his windows making him become part of society again; Rita makes him sort out his drinking problem. This gives the audience the feeling of how shut off he really feels. ...read more.


'Yes. But Rita - if I repent and reform, what do I do when your influence is no longer here? What do I do when in appalling sobriety, I watch you walk away and disappear, my influence gone forever?' Rita gives Frank a haircut at the end of the film. This is a turning point for Frank. He is going to Australia to get him self together, and make a fresh start. He needs to find himself again. His hair cut is like shredding all his hang ups. He asks Rita if she would join him to go Australia but she declines. I think Frank makes it clear he has feeling for Rita, although Rita does not hint she feels the same. We are left with the hope that Frank may reform as he has the opportunity and are left to decide the fate on these characters. I feel this is a nice way to end the play as it allows us to use our own imaginations and picture them maybe meeting up again and who know? But we also understand that life doesn't always work out for the best and maybe the fairytale ending wasn't to be. This play gives us a good insight how 'class' society can allow you to be restricted if you let it. Some people have to work hard to achieve what they want in life and as long as they can stay focused on their goals they can achieve. Them others are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and already have it all. But in having everything and become lost with themselves, the grass is not always greener on the other side. ...read more.

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