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Anarchy - creative writing.

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Anarchy Prologue Everything is dead. The cold wind searches out every hole, nook and cranny, and penetrates deeply into the wreckage. Anybody would think that this was in the bleak north of Russia, not sunny San Francisco. The fog, rolling in from the vast immensity that is the Pacific Ocean, engulfs the collapsed Golden Gate Bridge, its once gleaming red colour now a rusty orange. As the fog drifts majestically over the rest of the city that once dreams were made of, a temporary veil is drawn over the dead metropolis. The fog reaches out further than ever before and with its long arm seems to entirely cover the whole of the lifeless city. A lucky squirrel scampers up and over the neglected giant redwood trees in the neighbouring Muir Woods. His home has been destroyed along with millions more of his type and others. Running along the dead tree the squirrel sees a squashed deer, a dead bird and many of his relatives lying helplessly dropped down where their life was taken. Their dead bodies only a mere shell of what they used to be. The squirrel reaches the top of the inverted tree and with one last breath collapses. His shiny red coat glistens in the morning light as he slowly becomes one of the majority in this ever changing world. The majority of the dead. The destruction has taken the last of the first squirrel that it ever will, yet, in a bizarre way this one was the luckiest. Better dead and finished with than to be dead inside and living just for the sake of living. ...read more.


The dread filled her up inside and she was shaking frenziedly. She made her way to the edge of the head of the bay and took one last look back to the top of the row upon row of terraced houses, which lined the waterfront that she knew so well. She took one final look up heavenly, to see the moon in close quarters with the sun, and she crossed herself. Kaz wasn't a religious person but she thought that if there was any God, now would be the time to call upon his assistance. She took an ultimate look down to the icy cold water that she was just about plunge into. She calculated her trajectory. She took a step backwards, and propelled herself into the air beyond, leaving her homeland forever behind her, and bracing herself waiting for the water to hit her hard. Chapter 1 Will stumbled through the wreckage of the previously lush Market St. and crawled over what was left of the earth-quake-proof sky-high buildings. Making his way through the remains Will saw so many sights that were too horrible even to think about. A bloodstained pram lay hurled on the sidewalk beside the rubble that had inevitable ended so many innocent lives. Or were their lives innocent? The thought of what was underneath the wreckage almost equalled the horror of which he felt seeing the apocalyptic scene. Goose pimples spread rapidly over his heavily wrapped body. Why was it so cold? He vomited violently aiming off the road. If Will had shed a tear for every one the people that had died only within one hundred yards, he would have been crying for eternity. ...read more.


The anarchy. She got up and walked through the dead, but it didn't faze her. That was the type of person that she was, she didn't think about the thousands dead, no that was a negative outlook, just focus on the one living... Will woke with the fond memories of his family in his mind and then snapped back to the dismal reality. He was in the centre of a dead city. He was slowly starting to go mad, he wasn't even sure if this was just one of those dismal dreams that you have on a Sunday night and when you wake up to the reality you realise that everything's a damn site worse than you dreamed, you have to go to school. Will, for the first time in his life was at a loss. He couldn't just potter downstairs and get himself a glass of fresh orange juice, a bowl of cereal with a splash of ice cold milk and a slice of toast dripping with honey, he had to work just to feed himself. He had to find the food himself; five bucks wouldn't even get him anywhere now. A sharp pain in his abdomen told him that he was hungry, no, it was worse than that. He was on the verge of starving. As he looked around will noticed that everything wasn't as bad as he had imagined it would be. He realised that although the top of the tall buildings had collapsed leaving a vast area of rubble, this was only in the city centre. Most of the two and three story houses a little further out had only had thier roofs blown off and the lower storeys were reasonably in tact. Andy Johannesen Anarchy Page 1 of 1 ...read more.

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