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Anaylze how media affects young peoples life's today

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Anaylse episodes from two reality shows and how their presentation of celebrity impacts young people today To say that we are currently living in a society obsessed by celebrity and the culture of celebrity would be an understatement. Today celebrity culture has become an integral part of today's youth, without it they would be incomplete. Celebrity culture is a way of life occupied by those who are considered superstars for which ever reason whether it is for being rich, talented, good-looking or for just going on TV. I think that celebrity culture has a say in everything such as what to wear, what to eat or even who should be president! Celebrity has itself changed over the years, before people only had the right to be famous by talent and wealth where as now, as I have observed with Jade Goody, you could be anyone and you could get famous for living in a specific house. Celebrity culture has turned into a major factor for young people's life, it has become a subject spoken of almost every day by young people. Famous people such as David Beckham are, realistically, a somewhat good influence on young children as David Beckham shows that he has worked hard to achieve his goal. But 'celebrities' such as Paris Hilton are definitely a bad influence on young children as they show recklessness and disregard for everybody. ...read more.


This is an important scene as it shows that you don't have to keep your opinions to yourselves and you can show your emotions on television like when Nush is getting angry at Jon. The other Big Brother episode that I watched was Justine's eviction, at first we see all the contestants sitting around the couch to see who was going to be evicted and while this is happening there is non-diegetic music playing in the background to increase the suspense. This scene was done in a long shot to show all of the surroundings of the housemates. A voice is heard overheard announcing that 'Justine has been evicted' and immediately the camera switches to a close-up of Justine clamping her hands over her mouth. I think that this will discourage some young people as they will see the person exploited on television as it not their choice to leave the show but others who like a challenge will be convinced that this is a good opportunity. After the announcement of Justine's eviction there is sympathetic non-diegetic music playing in the background and the screen cuts to a montage of clips showing Justine at different stages of the competition. The first one is ironically of Justine entering the Big Brother house and meeting all her new house mates. ...read more.


The show also uses the judge's comments as another source of humour and one of the many unique selling points of the brand such as when Simon says 'individually you sound horrendous, together they sound even worse' to appeal to the audience. The younger people watching the show will be pulled towards the idea of an easy fame because the show is making it seem so easy to get air time that all it looks like is that you just walk onto the stage, show the judges what you have to offer and hope for the best. I think that these types of shows are making it all too easy for people to get air-time or at least that's what it seems... people are humiliated on the shows and they are told rude comments by some of the participants, although they choose to go to these reality shows. I think that Big Brother and X-factor can be equally insulting to its participants as in Big Brother the evicted person thinks of themselves as un-wanted and un-welcome, as if they are not needed so they were kicked out, whereas X-factor has more obvious insults in undoubtedly form of the comments from the judges 'Robert I can honestly say that you are the worst singer I have ever heard in my life'. These shows are a big influence on young peoples lives. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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