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And then he awoke!

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And then he awoke! Then he awoke! He awoke from a puzzled dream. Still half asleep he was just trying to reach the alarm clock to turn it off. He was struggling, He couldn't reach it and the noise was so loud. He then fully opened his eyes! Fear was pumping through his body. He was miniscule, had he shrunk he thought. He was not much bigger than fifty pence piece. What had happened to him! He looked around his newly overnight-formed body that I didn't know how to control. He saw eight long, thin and strong legs. They had good grip on the ends to hold his figure to its correct position. There were small amounts of fur coming off him. He was a dark creature with a nice structured short black coat. His legs were flexible and could move quite quickly in comparison with his size. How could he of turn into a spider he wondered, had he done something wrong. He didn't dislike spiders, wasn't the kind of boy who would purposely tread on them or burn them so what could it be. ...read more.


And she bit one of his legs holding him in her mouth. He was in pain. How could this be happening he was wondering to himself? The cat went back down the stairs taking him into the opposite direction that he wanted to go. How was he going to escape the cat? A cat is a violent animal that shows no mercy. He was like a play toy at that moment in time waiting to wake up and go to school like normal. He tried escaping but could only limp due to one of his injured legs. He was heading to a closed door in hope that he could slide under it and wait for his parents, as he couldn't climb the stairs now. The cat jumped to her feet running around the kitchen chairs fast on his trail. The door wasn't far now, only two metres. Could he fit under the door? He didn't know the limits of his body size and strength. The cat made a jump straight for me with her legs stretched as far out as possible. ...read more.


Did they even speak the same language? These moments lasted ages. What would only normally take ten seconds seemed to drag on for ten hours. The anticipation was immense. His heart was beating frantically as though it was trying to escape from his body. He was shaking now as the noises came closer and closer. All went quiet! There was no footsteps or tapping, just the annoying, constant sound of his alarm clock. Then there were two pairs of footsteps now. Are they human, if he's a spider then nothing is definite anymore? The footsteps split in to and were heading for both entrances to the room now. At the time he was hidden safely under the armchair, which was probably best for the unexpected he thought. Just then he heard the creaking of the door handles. Slowly the doors opened revealing a shadow. Then his parents entered and his Dad said "You in here son, you ready for school yet and I hope you know that you've left that alarm clock on again" Was this a good or not. He was spider. How was he going to ever communicate with his parents again, or didn't he! 1 James Dougall ...read more.

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