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Andover Workhouse Sources Questions

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Source C is from a novel and is about events in a workhouse. How useful is this source for investigating events in the Andover Workhouse at that time? Explain your answer using source C and knowledge from your studies. Source C is useful because it states that gruel (and it states that the food was inefficient) was served and we know that this was served in the Andover Workhouse because they wanted the Andover workhouse to be as inhospitable as possible and gruel was served because it wasn't very nutritious. Also Source C states that the child was desperate with hunger, which I know from other sources that in the Andover workhouse the inmates were starving because the master Mr. McDougal stole their food for himself and his family. There is almost proof of this in Source C as it states that the master was a fat healthy man and from this we can infer that this could have been due to him stealing the inmates food. ...read more.


conditions some workhouses were in and he was able to describe inhospitable workhouses so the source is useful for investigating the Andover Workhouse. Charles Dickens used the Andover Workhouse scandal and other accounts of inhospitable workhouses to bas his novel Oliver Twist on. Source C is a primary source and was written in 1838, which was year after the McDougals were employed in the Andover Workhouse. This is useful because Charles Dickens would have known what the Workhouses were like. This is because he was alive at the time of the scandal, so he would have known how bad some of the workhouses were therefore this source could be based on one of the inhospitable workhouses. So this is useful in investigating the events of the Andover Workhouse because their conditions could have been similar. Source C was written quite factually as Dickens based some of the novel on the Andover Workhouse Scandal and he was aware of the social evils of this time. ...read more.


Charles Dickens wrote source C and he was a rich man who didn't leave any money to the poor when he died so it is unlikely that he cared as much as it is made out. He may have wanted more money and therefore may have exaggerated his novel so it would sell. This means Source is likely to be limited for investigating the events of the Andover Workhouse. The source was written in 1838 so the source is more likely to be an opinion from the time. Therefore it may limited for investigating the events of the Andover Workhouse because we are not informed of another opinion. The source in some ways seems to be exaggerated because it uses words like 'paralysed' and 'reckless' so this maybe limited for investigating the events of the Andover Workhouse because it is unreliable. I think the source is useful in some ways for investigating the Andover Workhouse events for example the food they ate and how they were placed at dinner. However the source is limited in other ways because it is restricted so it is no use for investigating the events of the Andover Workhouse. ?? ?? ?? ?? Karen Spanswick ...read more.

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