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Animal Cruelty Charity appeal

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R.S.P.C.A Head Office Animal Avenue London Mrs Young AN1MA1 1 Lovely Lane Lancashire NP25H4H Emergency Hotline: 08704 372757 Dear Mrs Young, Cruel isn't it? That every two minutes of every single day, an animal is being ill-treated and abused for no reason what so ever. This saddens us at the R.S.P.C.A and it should sadden you as well. Support is growing but still much needed to stop animal cruelty! With your contributions it could help to stop these terrible crimes. Wicked behaviour must not be disregarded! ...read more.


This vile act resulted in the dog being put down by a veterinarian. And if you're reading this letter thinking such cases are so rare, think again. Dr. Kaman Lentose a local Veterinary Surgeon stated that, "People who can do that to defenseless animals eventually think nothing of hurting a child or another person." That's why police shouldn't take such animal abuse cases lightly. The metropolitan police are now being informed on every animal cruelty case and have set up a group of qualified police officers to deal with the animal abusers! ...read more.


We rely totally on voluntary donations and help from people like you to undertake our vital welfare work. Here are a few examples of what your donation could do: * �5 could feed a cat for a week * �10 could safely board a cruelty case horse for a day * �25 could kit out an inspector with hard hat, boots and life jacket * �50 could help equip an inspector's van with an animal first-aid kit, pet carrier and animal catching set Please make cruelty to animals the serious crime it is. Yours Sincerely, Lauren Brindley (Manager of Head Office) ...read more.

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