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Animal Cruelty

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Animal Cruelty The controversy of animal experiments has long been debated in our society. Time and time again the question of whether or not scientific researchers should have the right to perform experiments on animals has been an issue. Should researchers be able to perform experiments on animals? Should researchers only be able to perform limited experiments on animals? Or should researchers not be able to perform experiments at all? These questions are argued over every day, everywhere in the world. There are many people for all sides of the debate. This is an extremely huge controversy today. Many say that animal experimentation is pointless. When it comes to animals and their rights there is a definite fine line between our needs and our taking advantage of these species we consider inferior (Posner 1). Several thousands of animals are experimented on each day; yet there have been close to no cures found. Why continue experiments on animals if there is no point to it? ...read more.


Some experiments can even get as foolish as forcing the animal to smoke tobacco and marijuana, and even forcing the animal to take LSD. Can you imagine a human being physically forced into smoking marijuana or taking LSD, both illegal drugs? To speak of levels of psychological moralities, researching through the experimentation of animals is a bad example of positive morals. The point where justifying morally right from wrong has been crossed with animal experimentation. Human hearts have turned cold and vicious. Human minds have mutated into finding the easier, less guilty way out. Professional, scientific researchers have narrowed their options down to certain animals, animals that will not be difficult. Rabbits are selected to have chemicals dropped into their eyes because their eyes do not cry or water; beagle dogs are selected for their calm temperament when people harm them. It is true that, animal experimentation can be helpful. Experimenting on animals can help scientists to discover new ways to cure diseases. But once again, you have to ask yourself, if hardly any cures are found, why continue with the endless torture and excruciating pain? ...read more.


Pesticides and other chemicals have been damaging our land due to pollution. Not only on land but also in rivers, oceans and even our plants (Animal experimentation). If we keep this up we may not have clean water to swim in, fresh air to breath, or clean soil to grow our plants in. Animal experimentation needs to be stopped. The endless, continuing tragedy of millions of animals dying has to stop. This has to start with someone, somewhere. As a society we need to wake up and start thinking about how we can stop the cruelty towards animals, instead of how to kill them. If it is morally wrong to kill unborn babies, why is it not morally wrong to kill and torture poor, defenceless animals? (Cruelty Prevention) The public does not see what goes on behind closed doors. This is because product testers do not want people to see the animal suffer and die. Once they are done with the experiment they kill the animal off as if it meant nothing. Is this how people were brought up to kill innocent creatures and not even thinking twice about what they are doing? When will this sick torment end? ...read more.

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