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Animal Farm

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Animal Farm I was kind of confused when I had read this book, because it said in the beginning that George Orwell believed in socialism and this book shows, in a simple way, that socialism or communism does not work in real life. Animal Farm starts with the death of the pig old Major (Lenin), who right before he dies tell the other animals about the Rebellion (Russian Revolution). After old Major's death there were three other pigs; Napoleon (Stalin), Snowball (Trotsky) and Squealer, who started to plan for the Rebellion. They held secret meetings where they tried to convince the other animals of their home-made system of thought: Animalism. ...read more.


The pigs ruled and decided almost everything on the farm. They did, for example, set aside a special room in the barn for themselves. Snowball and Napoleon also makes these Seven Commandments, which are telling the animals what is right and what is wrong. The beginning also tells you about nine new-born puppies, which are brought away by Napoleon, and this is very important later on in the book. The pigs also continues to rule over the other animals by telling them that all milk and a very big part of the apples should be brought to the pigs, so that they could consume it. ...read more.


And this is really describing the situation in the old Soviet Union; where some of the party members had all the wealth you could ever want, while the people had to work for practically nothing. In the end Orwell makes a wonderful conclusion when he says that the pigs had transformed into humans, because there were very many things that was the same if you compare the ruling of the tsar and the ruling of Stalin. At last I would like to thank George Orwell for being excellent at showing what is good and what is bad. Because this is the best evidence I have ever found that proofs that communism or socialism does not work. ?? ?? ?? ?? Henrik Jacobsson IB1 1 ...read more.

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