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Animal farm:

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Comment on the importance of Boxer and his symbolic significance within the novel Animal farm is based on the Russian revolution and is a satire of the happenings of that time. The story is about the consequences of political ideals, as well as what happens to ordinary people when other people have absolute power over them. A character which represented the hard working class of Russia was boxer. Not. He is the type of person whom during the revolution, is inevitably exploited and his is what Orwell shows us. Boxer shows all the qualities of the exploited working classe (the proliterates), he shows trust, loyalty and dedication as well as the capability to undergo intense labour. However he has a na�ve trust for the intellectual leaders (the pigs) especially Napoleon, whom he continuously states "is always right". And due to this, he does not take heed of how far the pigs are exploiting him. His death at a glue factory not only shows how brutal the pigs were but leads to the destruction of the farm as it was he whom served as the anchor for animal farm. ...read more.


he continuesly repeats the slogan "I will work harder" as he strains himeself and uses every once of his energy. And even after the windmill has been sabotaged he does not lose faith "the other animals found more inspiration in Boxer's strength "and hence he is the main reason that the windmill is rebuilt. Boxer has a blind loyalty for Napoleon. At the beginning of he novel boxer is portrayed as the kind and caring character, unfortunatly as time goes by he begins to change "Boxer looked at Napoleon to know whether he should crush the dog to death or let it go" this once sympathic cart horse whom felt guilty about killing is now ready without a moments hesitation to kill another animal at napoleans signal. However what makes it worse is he is ready to disobye one of the seven commandements "No animal shall kill any other animal". " Orwell shows us how much influence the pigs are having on the characters and how they are changing their persoanlities .Boxer is confused and cannot truly see what ...read more.


The reader has become attached to him and understands just how far he was exploited. The irony of boxer's life is that he belived he was working to make animal farm more prosperous and making a more comfortable future for the other animals however, it was he who had strengthened the dictatorship of napoleons with his slogans and eventualy caused a worse standard of living for the animals. It's sad to know that the windmill he had worked so hard to complete was not used to generate electricity for the animals but was used for milling corn and brought in a handsome profit. Orwell's goal was to alert us of how cruel the pigs were and he uses boxer to do this, and this is why he is such an important character in the novel. Orwell He uses language to illustrate just how harsh existence was for the proliterates (boxer) and how they had worked their whole life beliving in the prospect of a better future, to be killed by their superiors (The pigs) once they could not work anymore, proving in a society how "absolute power corrupts absolutly". ...read more.

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