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Animal Farm

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How did George Orwell reflect the Russian Revolution in Animal Farm? Animal farm was published in 1945 and George Orwell was the author of the book. In Animal Farm, George Orwell gives a very expressive and accurate description of what happened in Russia after Tsar Nicholas II was forced to surrender. In 1917, at the end of the First World War Russia was forced to give up to the German army. The Russian Tsar was forced to abdicate. As he abdicates a new government was established which was called provisional government. This was overthrown by a new system of government "communism" and the beginning of the Soviet Union. In the book, Snowball represents Leon Trotsky. He was quicker in speech and more inventive as Trotsky. The both character are very similar to each other. Snowball actively works to change Animal Farm and although not all of his ideas work very efficiently. ...read more.


He also uses rhetoric by complicating language which works well on the uneducated animals of the farm. When the animals question Napoleons motives in the book he simply replies with tactics, tactics. Napoleon also uses the threat of Jones return if the other animals asked too many questions. After he successfully eliminates Snowball, he gradually increases his personal power and privileges. He uses his trained dogs to exile snowball. Old Major is the old pig whose visionary dream inspires the animals with their first concept of revolution. He may be compared to Karl Marx, whose ideas and writings eventually led to the Communist Revolution. The farm animals are prepare to meet after Mr. Jones goes to sleep, to hear the words that the old and well-respected pig, Old Major, wants to say to them. The animals gather around as Old Major tells them that he had a dream the previous night and senses that he will not live much longer. ...read more.


Soon the whole farm falls asleep, as they find out that Mr Jones has shot old major, with his death, Old Major symbolizes the idealistic, often intellectual or abstract vision that leads to a revolution. His death clears the path for other younger figures to seize the revolutionary movement which is sweeping the farm and uses it to propel themselves to position of power. Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer are cleverer, sneakier, and more aggressive than the other animals, and they soon rise to power as the leaders The seven commandments were made to make sure the animals never like humans. With one phrase that the sheep's always sang "four legs good", "two legs bad" this soon changed to "four legs good" two legs better" this is when the pigs started to walk on there back legs. The adapted the position of there former master Mr Jones. The pigs are now much like their human masters. In the book Animal Farm showed how motivated humans are by greed. ...read more.

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