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Animal Farm

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Animal Farm Animal Farm was published on 17th August 1945 and written November 1943 - February 1944. It was written by George Orwell. He was born in 1903 in India. His first book was published in 1933 and this was called "Down and Out in Paris and London." He wrote many other books for example "The Road to Wigan Pier", "Homage to Catalonia", "A Clergyman's Daughter", "Coming up for Air" and "Keep the Aspidistra Flying." This story is a political allegory, which means that the animals stand for different people. It was also based on the Russian revolution, which had just happened. This story is about a rebellion. Old Major a pig was extremely old and he told the animals of a rebellion that would change all of their lives, he also taught them the song Beasts of England. A few nights later Old Major died but the cleverer animals on the farm the pigs took this into account and started organising things, Snowball, Napoleon and Squealer thought of a complete system which they called animalism. On Midsummer's eve Mr Jones the owner of Manor Farm ran away because he was so drunk. ...read more.


Many animals confessed about things that they had done, but it was all blamed on Snowball and these animals were immediately killed. When Napoleon appeared, this happened about once a fortnight he had with him the dogs as bodyguards and a cockerel was like his trumpeter. Beast's of England was abolished and a new poem was made up about Napoleon. Later on that year Frederick and fourteen men went to attack animal farm. They had guns, and they also blew up the windmill, the animals were angry with this so they ran after the people many people were badly injured. The animals won again and this was called "The Battle of the Windmill." Boxer became ill and had to retire from hard work, after a few days Napoleon said to the animals that Boxer was going to the vets but actually he was going to a horse slaughterers so that with the money Napoleon could buy some Whisky. The animals realised what had happened and told Boxer to get out but he was too weak to. Many years passed and many of the older animals had died. ...read more.


While this was happening to the animals one of Napoleon's helpers had added "without reason" to the end of this commandment. The seventh commandment was "All animals are equal" this was broken as soon as the rebellion had happened. Napoleon and Snowball had become leaders and all of the pigs were higher than the other animals. Near the end of the book all of the commandments were taken away and there was only one commandment it was "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." I think that George Orwell wanted to teach us that we can't live without leaders. I think he was also trying to warn us about leaders as well because leaders can always trick you, they take more for themselves and give us less, they take privilege, there is one rule for leaders and one rule for everyone else. Leaders can also manipulate people. They change the rules slightly and pretend that they were always like that, they use propaganda to make people believe the wrong things, they always have different opinions, they make ordeals out of nothing and they also blame things on other people when they have actually made the mistake. ...read more.

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