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Animal farm and communism

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Aditi T4 Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, is the story of how communism began as a great idea, but eventually failed when put into practice. The story takes place on a farm somewhere in England. The first chapter starts with a speech by a wise and respected pig, the Old Major who gives out his ideas about animalism (Orwell uses this to represent communism, where everyone is supposed to be equal) and the overthrow of the farm owner, Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones represents the old government in a country before the communist leaders came into power, and the Old Major represents Karl Marx who gave out his ideas about communism. The old Major dies in his sleep soon, but the speech affects all the other animals and gives them something to look forward to. The pigs in this story are supposed to be the most intelligent animals. The rebellion starts some time later, when Mr. Jones and forgets to feed the animals. The animals go hysterical and when Mr. Jones tries to stop them, he gets overthrown. ...read more.


But the pigs convinced them that there never had decided anything like it. Soon after this decision the pigs move to the farmhouse. The other animals seem to remember that there has been a resolution that says that no animals will go into the farmhouse, but again the pigs convince the other animals that this was a mistake. They also hear rumours that the pigs have begun to sleep in beds, so they question Squealer, a pig with excellent speaking skills (or rather, convincing skills) about this. Squealer says that even what you sleep on is a bed of hay. So the animals check the commandments, and they see the commandment has been changed. It now say "No animal shall sleep in bed with sheets". And another commandment was also changed: "No animal shall kill another animal without reason." This was because Napoleon wanted to hide the fact that the animals Napoleon got slaughtered by dogs was wrong. He did this at a meeting in front of all the other animals. When Napoleon and the other pigs move to the farmhouse, they start drinking alcohol. ...read more.


It simply shows the change that the pigs are trying to get into the animals' heads that humans are better than us animals. Again, Orwell shows the way ideas of rulers overcome by greed change, and that communism and socialism do not work out in practice. Napoleon also becomes closer friends with the farm neighbours, and he invites them for inspection. They sit inside the farmhouse and celebrate the efficiency of his farm, where the animals work very hard with the minimum of food. During this celebration all the other animals meet at the window of the farm, and when they look inside they can't distinguish between man and animal. This shows that Napoleon has become worse than Jones, where at least they got more food, and all the animals got an equal share, even though it was less. Again, as mentioned before, the whole point Orwell was trying to make by this book was that although the theory of communism was good, it didn't work in practice because the power given to the leaders makes them greedy and encourages them to make some people 'more equal than others'. Napoleon, although becomes a dictator was not elected, but since he was power-hungry, he seizes power anyway. ...read more.

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