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Animal Farm Book Review

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Book Reviews Title Of Book: Animal Farm Author Of Book: George Orwell Type/Theme: Fiction Plot Location: Great Britain (Willingdon) Plot Summary: Mr and Mrs Jones own the Manor House in Willingdon. On the farm they have a pig named Old Major (formerly known as Willingdon Beauty) who is the leader and motivator for all the animals on the farm. He is highly regarded on the farm; all the animals on the farm would give up an hour of sleep to hear what he had to say. Which is because he speaks such benevolent and wisdom words. (All the animals could communicate with each other). Every night all the animals would come to the immense Barn, for the meeting. The animals that would attend this meeting were the two cart horses Boxer and Clover, the white goat Muriel, the bad tempered donkey Benjamin, the three dogs Bluebell, Jessie and Pincher. ...read more.


The animals were unfed from the previous day, so the animals got reckless and took matters in there own hands. The animals break into the food shed. This did not help as the two carthorses Boxer and Clover, ran Mr and Mrs Jones out of their own farm. All the animals are now free; they can roam around the farm where they want. Now this is a quandary for the Jones, they have to get their farm and home back. Character: 1) Old Major: Old Major had a really enormous role in this book, even when he was only issued in this book a small number of times. He was the leader of all the animals on the farm; he taught all the animals on the farm by using his wise words. ...read more.


Jones forgot to feed the animals, as he had a hang over from being drunk from the previous night. The animals take matters in their own hands and drive the Jones out of their own farm. So this showed that Old Major's wise words were a success. What did you enjoy about the book/least enjoy about the book? I enjoyed reading this book very much, as it had splendid story line and all the characters were masterfully described. Another feature that I found superlative was that the author put in was abundant amount of surprises in the book. I think this is the one of his best stories since I read Nineteen Eighty Four. However, the story would have been a better read, if the story were longer, as I finished the book less then five days. It also would have been a better read, if the stories plot were much better described. ...read more.

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