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Animal Farm Bookreport - plot outline and its links to the Russian Revolution.

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Animal farm door George Orwell Summary This is a story based on the Russian Revolution, the characters are different and it is written in another time, but there are many parallels between them. Mr. Jones is the farmer on Manor Farm, he is not a very good farmer and he is mistreating his animals. Mr. Jones is drunk all the time and the animals are not being treated well. Major, an old, wise boar, is telling the other animals on Manor Farm about a rebellion, which will happen some day. All the animals are listening carefully to Major when he tells them about 'animalism', a society where every animal is equal and Major teaches the other animals a song called 'The Beasts of England', which is about England ruled by animals. A few days later Major dies in his sleep and the pigs, who are the smartest animals on the farm, are preparing the other animals for the big day of the rebellion. One day Mr. Jones had been out all day and forgot to feed the animals, this was what they had been waiting for and they took over the farm from Mr. Jones. The animals renamed the farm into 'Animal Farm'. The pigs Snowball and Napoleon found themselves the best leaders so they took charge of everything. They forced every animal to work and they instructed the animals in the Seven Commandments of 'animalism'. ...read more.


But the animals believed everything Napoleon and Squealer said, because they were just saying things were getting better and that the animals were getting more food than before. The animals were shocked when they saw the pigs walking on their hind legs, which was the last of the Seven Commandments they changed. They became more and more human. After a while Napoleon had a lot of neighbouring farmers in the farmhouse to toast on a good relationship between Animal Farm and the other farms. Napoleon even renamed Animal Farm back to Manor Farm. When the other animals looked from pig to human and from human to pig, they could not tell the difference between them, they could not tell which was which. (1209 words) Title explanation The animals renamed the name of the farm from Manor Farm to Animal Farm after they had driven away Mr. Jones. Animal Farm is where the whole story takes place. Main characters Old Major is the wise old boar who delivers a speech to every animal on the Manor Farm and tells them about the rebellion which would take place some time. He dies a few days after his speech, but set the rebellion in motion by informing the animals about it. His role is about the same role Karl Marx had in the Russian Revolution; his ideas set the Communist Revolution in motion. ...read more.


Orwell was a socialist but detested extreme political view-points. His most successful publications, Animal Farm and Nineteen Eightyfour, are meant to be warnings against totalitarian regimes and dictatorship. Opinion I like the story, because it is something completely different from what I have read before. It looks like a child story, all the animals and they are going to be their own leader and drive out the farmer. But it is a much more complicated story, there is much more behind it. I did not realise that until I read the secondary literature, but when you are going to think about the story, it is right. The whole farm is like a country where every animal has its own position in the society. The pigs are the leaders, the horses are the hard working citizens, the chickens are the normal, not very hard working citizens, and the dogs are the soldiers. I think it is a good book to read when you have to write a book report about it, because then you really find out what the book is about and I like that. I really enjoyed reading it, it never bored me and it was not a very long story, so I read it in a few days each night before I went to sleep. I surely will recommend this book to everyone who has to write a book report for English, because it is fun to read and you will learn more than you think at the first place. ...read more.

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