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Animal Farm by George Orwell.

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Animal Farm Animal Farm is a fable written by George Orwell. A fable is a story that makes a point where the characters are animals that speak. Throughout Animal Farm, utopian visions motivate the animals to work harder. Moses the raven introduced Sugarcandy Mountain to the animals. Old Major brought about the idea of animalism shortly before his death. Both Sugarcandy Mountain as well as the idea of animalism is a form of utopia, which ignites the animals to work harder. Utopia is defined as an ideal place or state with perfect laws and an impractical system of social perfection: a perfect environment. It would be like asking someone to be nice, no matter what for the rest of his or hers life. It's impossible and can only be dreamed of. Utopia is used in the world today in many forms. ...read more.


(37) He used false information and utopian vision hoping to promote the animals to work harder. Sugarcandy Mountain was believed the most by Boxer the horse. Boxer didn't think for himself. Whatever he was told, he believed. The phrase "Ignorance is passivity" comes into play here. Since Boxer was so gullible, he thought if he worked hard all the time, when he died he would go to this perfect environment where every day is a great day. Boxer even said, "I will work harder!" (47) He would harness himself to a cutter or the horse rake and work as hard as he could all day with the utopian vision of Sugarcandy Mountain on his mind! A good way to motivate someone is to connect with him or her throughout a sppech. Old Major was a very strong speaker and used this strength to apply utopia to the animal's minds. ...read more.


He also predicted many things that would happen if the revolution occurs such as all animals would be treated equal and they would have a better life. These things are unlikely and the whole environment Major has created for the animals is utopia. After Old Major dies, his speech lives on and is molded into the animals' minds. The pigs lead the revolution with all of the animals working hard and thinking of animalism. Throughout Animal Farm, utopian vision is used to motivate the animals to work harder. Moses used Sugarcandy Mountain as an imaginary place where animals would go when they die, only if they worked hard. Old Major used his speech and the idea of animalism to ignite the animals to work hard. Both Sugarcandy Mountain and animalism are forms of utopia because they are impossible and can't really happen. Even today after reading Animal Farm and this essay, people still work hard for things that are really utopia. ...read more.

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