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Animal Farm - By George Orwell

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Sarah Hurworth 02/05/07 Animal Farm- By George Orwell All the animals have driven out Farmer Jones and are living in complete harmony and equality but odd things on the farm keep happening. The seven commandments written on the barn seem to be changing. The animals know there is something wrong but cannot prove it due to their very poor memory. The pigs, who have much better memories than the other animals, seem to be in on what is happening and are always able to excuse the occurrences and change the animals minds, but some are still suspicious. Benjamin, a grumpy donkey who is the oldest animal on the farm, and Clover, a kind middle-aged mare with failing eyesight, are two of the main animals who are quoted to be the most suspicious on the farm and notice the most changes. Clover is more affected by the changes than Benjamin but they both feel very strongly about them. At first the animals were very idealistic, believing in equality for all animals, but as the pigs gain more and more control over the farm and the other animals loose theirs, their ideals are shattered as they are forced to work every day while the pigs do nothing, living in even worse conditions than those suffered under farmer Jones' regime. ...read more.


To conceal the fact that they had been drinking alcohol the pigs added "to excess" on the end of the commandment. The animals were surprised to hear the pigs singing "Beasts of England" because it was banned and they were very upset because the following morning Napoleon said he was dying but they did not know it was a headache; some animals thought that Napoleon had been poisoned. "No animal shall kill any other animal" the book says that this commandment was broken on page 52 and 53 when three pigs confessed their crimes to Napoleon "They added that Snowball had privately admitted to them that he had been Jones's secret agent for years past. When they had finished their confession the dogs promptly tore their throats out" and "The three hens who had been the ringleaders in the attempted rebellion over the eggs now came forward and stated that snowball had appeared to them in a dream and incited them to disobey Napoleons orders. They too were slaughtered". Napoleon ordered the death of many animals that confessed to have been working for snowball. To screen their crimes the pigs added "without cause" on the end of the commandment. The animals were quite shocked and unhappy the book shows this by saying, "The remaining animals, except for the pigs and dogs, crept away in one body. ...read more.


Throughout the story Clover is mentioned more and her feelings are described further. She is described as quite co-operative in the beginning of the book but as the commandments seem to change she gets more and more suspicious, until she finally realises that the pigs are changing them for their own benefit and convenience. Benjamin's feelings are mentioned less but they are very similar to Clover's. He knew what the pigs were up to all along and his suspicions were confirmed when the animals saw squealer lying on the floor under the commandments, covered in white paint, next to a broken ladder. The other animals could not understand what had happened but Benjamin realised Squealer was changing the commandments. Animal Farm is a story about the Russian revolution set on a farm with animals as the main characters. Orwell tries to get you to imagine what characters the animals would play in the revolution. Temptation and corruption are major aspects of this book's theme, just as Orwell saw it occur after the revolution by the Russian leaders, but in this case it was pigs who were the leaders. At the end of the book, Orwell tells you how, after taking on so many human characteristics, the pigs became man, and how the animals could not tell the difference between pig and man. ...read more.

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