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"Animal Farm" by George Orwell and "The Stolen Bacillus" by H.G. wells both explore the authors' views of society in which they live. Looking at the plot and language of both pieces, analyse how the stories reflect the authors' views.

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"Animal Farm" by George Orwell and "The Stolen Bacillus" by H.G. wells both explore the authors' views of society in which they live. Looking at the plot and language of both pieces, analyse how the stories reflect the authors' views. "Animal Farm" and "The Stolen Bacillus" are two very interesting stories. "Animal Farm" is an allegory, this means it can be enjoyed at two level. It is an extended metaphor, to the well-known Russian Revolution. The "Stolen Bacillus" is about science fiction; there isn't a clear hidden meaning. However there is a small moral to the story, which is if science gets into the wrong hands then it can be extremely dangerous and can have some devastating results. There are reasons to why George Orwell wrote "Animal Farm" in an allegory, and to fully understand and interpret the novel one must know the reasons. George Orwell wanted to express how he felt about the Russian Revolution, and highlight the horrors that it had. The meaning of the story was very realistic, not a story that will please the reader with a happy ending, it reflects the truth. The story also expresses how theory can be very different, for example how an ideology like communism will only work in theory not in practise. This is because of many reasons but the main one is that by nature people will usually be selfish and greedy. ...read more.


Animals then had an even worse life than they had before. The pigs became like dictators they ruled over the other animals. Mr Jones and Napoleon represented dictatorship and Old Major and Snowball represented communism. Mr Jones had a pet bird called Mollie, which represented materialistic people. Squealer represented the media and propaganda, which brainwashed the animals, into making them think what they wanted them to think. Any clever animals that figured out that they were being played as idiots were killed instantly. One character called Boxer was a horse and he represented hard and honest workers. Boxer was a little more intelligent than the rest of the animals, but he had this faith upon Napoleon the dictator, who had been brainwashed, into his mind. Napoleon couldn't make up his mind weather to kill him or not, as sometimes he would look up to Napoleon and other times he would also disagree with him. Eventually boxer was killed. Animal Farm can also be viewed as a satire, it makes fun out of those in the real Russian Revolution. It might be a serious story but could also be laughed at. I quote "Moses who was Mr Jones's special pet, was a spy and a tale-bearer, but he was also a clever talker." This quote shows how from a serious line it becomes a little humorous. The sheep were taught the phrase "four legs good, two legs bad" this was to help them remember that the humans were their enemies. ...read more.


George Orwell in his novel was trying to show that how having control over media one could control other people's thoughts. He also shows that any power will always be abused due to the never changing human nature. Through this he shows that communism is an idea that will only work in theory not in actual practise. H.G. Wells in his short story showed how people under estimate the power of science. He also showed how scientific knowledge in the wrong hands could have some devastating results. The main meaning of the story is similar to the one of "Animal Farm", power given to people will always be abused and not used for the right intentions. In this case it was about a deadly disease that could have been spread by an anarchist, who thought he could have power by killing people. The story shows the ignorance of the public and how the greed for power is the human weakness. I feel that "Animal Farm" is more effective at expressing the author's views of society at the time, because it is a lot longer and that way it can give a more detailed story. It is also a lot clearer to understand as in "the Stolen Bacillus" religious beliefs and science had many conflicts in that time and H.G. Wells hasn't taken them into account in his story. Adding to my point "Animal Farm" is based on a true story; therefor it is a lot more realistic as it has actually happened. ...read more.

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