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Animal farm by George Orwell - What impressions do you form of the character of Snowball in this passage? Remember to refer closely to the passage in support of your answer.

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Animal Farm by George Orwell Essay Question Melissa Nicole Teoh 1/12 (15) What impressions do you form of the character of Snowball in this passage? Remember to refer closely to the passage in support of your answer. Firstly, I got the impression that Snowball was a strategic planner, and thought about a plan in whole before putting it to action. In lines 1-2, the author stated that "Snowball launched his first attack, in line 7, "Snowball now launched his second line of attack", and in lines 18-19, "Snowball now gave the signal for the charge". These sentences show evidence of prior planning, as it shows that Snowball had thought of the first attack, second attack, and the signals to the animals, telling them when to carry out their particular duties. ...read more.


...without halting for an instant Snowball flung his fifteen stone against Jones's legs," and later on after the battle, "cried Snowball, from whose wounds the blood was still dripping." During the battle, after Snowball had been hit by the pellets, he did not stop his action and continued his way to hurl the stone at Jones's legs. The fact that he himself headed for Jones, who was their biggest enemy, also showed that he was extremely brave and courageous. Also, at the end of the battle, though he was dripping with blood, he did not shirk his duty, and was still at the battlefield, shouting and exclaiming as if he was in the pink of health. ...read more.


He was very alert and on the ball throughout the whole battle, giving the signals of retreat and charging at the correct moment, launching the lines of attack efficiently. This shoes that he showed initiative to ensure that his plans succeeded. Also, after giving the signal for charging, "he himself dashed for Jones" (line 19), their biggest enemy. This shows that he was very dedicated, and was trying to help as much as he can, trying to defeat their biggest enemy. Finally, I got the impression that Snowball was an independent worker, and did not depend on or work with anyone else. Throughout the whole passage, Snowball was the one commanding the battle, giving the signals for attack and retreat. There was no mention of any other animal giving commands or directing the animals, which shows that Snowball was unaided, and individualistic. ...read more.

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