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Animal Farm discussion.

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Entry 1 - In Animal Farm, the animals often depict what can be seen in modern human society. They converse, behave and even contemplate like humans, and furthermore, they are also given a treatment that is not unknown to mortals. Each of the creatures have a place, whether it be in production in daily farm work or in their particular little cozy spot where they settle themselves in the barn. The way that Orwell describes many of the animals may very well be as if he is portraying figures that any person may be familiar with nowadays. However, that also includes not minding the usage of animal terms of course. There are those who are wise, those who are bad-tempered, fanciful, and those who simply do not care. Clover the horse is said to be "a stout motherly mare approaching middle life, who had never quite got her figure back after her fourth foal." To this statement, many middle-aged women can relate to. Another horse, Mollie, whose vanity is clearly described in being "the foolish, pretty white mare who...came mincing daintily in...and began flirting her white mane, hoping to draw attention to the red ribbons it was plaited with." ...read more.


By using fear as his greatest weapon, Napoleon is successful and gains utter control among the other animals. The nine enormous dogs of Napoleon clearly show allegiance to their rearer and act as bodyguards while performing his every whim. Any resisters will have to contend with their enormous fangs. After the overthrowing of Snowball, Napoleon uses lies and deceits to win over the minds of his fellow comrades, convincing them that Snowball was dangerous and that he alone will provide them with an utopian future. Entry 4 - At heart, every animal or person is selfish and is more interested in their own personal well-being than anothers. Napoleon uses the fear of death most openly in the book; any opposers must die. Along with this, he also declares that any disagreement to his word will result in the returning of Jones to Animal Farm. These words also strike fear into the hearts of the animals, for this means that all the shodden tears and sweat were in vain. In order to cover up his failures, Napoleon states that Snowball is the one to blame for every misfortune that befalls the farm. ...read more.


Soon it became inevitable that the pigs are breaking those also and decided to quickly sum them all up into a single commandment. This single line clearly describes the novel's theme. Yes, everyone should be equal, but that is impossible without others gaining power and advantage until the equality disappears. Entry 7 - First of all, Orwell may be warning his viewers of trust. The animals placed all of their trust into the hands of the pigs who led them blindly. They were deceived, used, and manipulated by those whom they looked up to the most. Second, Orwell wants people to question our government and see that it doesn't become corrupt. The pigs had good intentions at first but were overwhelmed by greed and power. Third, everyone must be able to rise up and not hide in the shadows. If the animals would have bonded together and set to destroy the pigs, they would most certainly have been successful. Fourth, people need to be able to think for themselves and not with another. The animals believed every word and opinion that Napoleon fed them and never took the time to actually ponder about the current situation. Last but not least, Orwell wants his viewers to have kindness, integrity, and virtue. The pigs lacked all three of these. ...read more.

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