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Animal Farm - "Old Major's idea of Utopia would have been achieved if we were to combine the brains of Benjamin with the brawn of Boxer to oust Napoleon and bring back Snowball." To what extent would you agree with this statement?

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Q7: "Old Major's idea of Utopia would have been achieved if we were to combine the brains of Benjamin with the brawn of Boxer to oust Napoleon and bring back Snowball." To what extent would you agree with this statement? Under Napoleon's dictatorship, equality and freedom of speech were unheard of. Old Major's dream of utopia was unfulfilled. The animals could not raise dissident voices as Napoleon had his powerful tools of suppression: the dogs. They were under the illusion that they were free and their labour was for their own benefits,. Their lives were miserable and laborious - parallel to or even worse than during Jones' era. Yet the animals blindly accepted the twisted words and lies of Squealer. Maybe life would have been better if Snowball had not been exiled. Maybe Benjamin and Boxer could oust Napoleon, and bring Snowball back. Would such a situation bring hope to Old Major's dream of Utopia? Yes, to a certain extent, but the animals' flaws may outweigh their strengths, bringing about downfall, and Utopia would still be unattainable. Snowball was always doing something to further the aims of Animalism. He constantly came out with schemes and plans for improving the efficiency of the farm and also organizes endless committees for the animals. This shows his concern for the farm, which goes to show that his presence could bring about Utopia. Furthermore, Snowball was undoubtedly brave and courageous. He took the lead during the Battle of the Cowshed, and fought valiantly along with the animals. ...read more.


Let us refer to Snowball's staying power and dedication. As we know, he was exiled by Napoleon. His supposed finest hour became his final hour. He had little staying power as a leader, and was easily defeated by his rival. Also, in the novel, he clearly made no attempts to return. So, if he were to be leader, his dedication would definitely be a question as well. How are Benjamin and Boxer going to oust Napoleon? We feel that the two good friends will complement each other. Everybody admires Boxer and therefore many animals will be willing to follow him. Benjamin will be like Snowball the strategist and think of ways to overcome the subversive tools of Napoleon. Benjamin who has seen through lies spread by Squealer may inform the animals of the truth and incite them to rebel. However, his credibility comes into question. Squealer would definite have an upper hand at such a situation. Benjamin had little credibility in the farm, so we can't say that the animals would believe him but not Squealer. Squealer can convince the animals with his melodramatic actions, posing as a serious threat. Yet being a coward, he will be easily scared and frightened and switch sides before it is too late. Boxer can pin down the dogs and the animals will work together in synergy to expel them like what they did to Jones and his men during the Rebellion and Battle of the Cowshed. Napoleon might be a serious problem but when his schemes are laid bare and his tools removed, he may, like Jones will flee, yet he may make a comeback, therefore the animals have to be prepared. ...read more.


The animals may have to trade with humans, for they lacked natural resources. As long as there are leaders, it already depicts inequality. Thus this goes to show that Animalism has to change one way or another for Utopia to be achieved. For utopia to be achieved the animals will have to cooperate and quarrels will have to be minimal. Benjamin, Boxer and Snowball will have to motivate the animals by working together and planning out with the animals. The three will have to let them participate in the planning for Animalism to be fulfilled. But leaders must exist. Looking at reality, all 1st world countries have leaders. It mainly depends on whether the leaders are corrupted or not. A sad thing to say is that equality can never be fulfilled. There is a different level of intelligence for every animal. If pigs were thought to be generally smarter, how is it that equality exists? With leaders who are not corrupted nor disorganized, the place that they rule will reach greater heights! Napoleon had already foreseen Animalism's failure and instead of trying to improve it and alter it for the welfare of the animals. Napoleon uses it for his material and physical comforts. In conclusion, we'd say that it is possible for Utopia to be achieved. Firstly, the principles of Animalism must change, for it already has loopholes. There are also many ways that Benjamin, Boxer and Snowball can contribute to the success of Old Major's dream. But there are always the flaws and problems that they need to overcome, for such obstacles would spell the doom and failure of achieving Utopia. AF - literature essay Q7 1 ...read more.

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