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Animal Farm - review.

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Animal Farm The animals on the farm were enraged. They knew the pigs had betrayed them, and they were prepared to get even. The next few days were the worst in the farms short history. The pigs had changed a lot in the eyes of the animals. Napoleon was no longer a leader but rather a traitor. All Squealer's beliefs had become worthless and were all seen as fake. The older animals were now assured that things had changed for the worse since Jones's days. This was the last straw in their eyes. Benjamin and Clover called for an urgent meeting between the animals that day. The pigs had fortunately been hung over from the late night boozing session, so it was the only real chance to gather all the animals, without alarm. "Today is Armageddon", roared Clover. "It is every animal's right to know that the pigs have betrayed us. They have taken our food, our friends, and our trust. We have a right to fight back. I dream of a land without pigs, a land full of animals worthy of freedom. ...read more.


The sheep grabbed some grenades and the remaining pistols, and backed up the horses at each door of the house. Clover and Benjamin stayed a small distance away from the house and promised to take out any runners. "After three: 1, 2, .....3!" shouted Clover. The horses were ruthless in their attack. They stormed into the building without remorse, and took out the pigs who were still tired from the night before. The noise awoke the humans. Mr Pilkington's men grabbed their guns and raced to see what had happened. The horses quickly galloped out the door, behind the sheep. "What has happened in here?" exclaimed a human. The chickens jumped onto the window ledge and targeted the humans. "Don't move, I think I hear something" said a petrified human. Shots were fired. The three-armed men dropped to the ground as the other guards scampered out into the open land. The chickens move had been a success and they clucked their way around to the open garden. The pigs had suffered huge losses in the house battle but they still had more than enough firepower to fight. ...read more.


The horses obliged and galloped around to meet them only to realise they were trapped. Napoleon shot rounds at the horses. The chickens heard the shots and scampered around to the back of the house only to find their partners had been killed. The chickens were seething and fired at the remaining pigs. Napoleon again fired shots. The chickens fell to the ground and died. Napoleon was out of ammunition. After all the battling, Napoleon, Squealer, Benjamin and Clover were the last standing. The four most influential animals in the farm's history were all that were left. Squealer walked up to Benjamin and said" Why have you done this? We have given you everything". "You have done nothing for me. Anything I have accomplished on this farm is thanks to my good will and strength. I owe you nothing." Squealer slapped Benjamin. Shots were fired. Squealer collapsed to the ground as Napoleon reloaded the pistol for one final shot. Napoleon fell to the ground. The farm's last battle was a costly one. Only two walked away from it all unscathed. Clover and Benjamin walked through the gates of the farm without looking back. They finally had their freedom............. By Damian McCarron 3rd draft ...read more.

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