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Animal Farm - review of the Pigs role

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Rowena Briggs Animal Farm essay At the start of the novel Orwell describes the pigs to be the "cleverest of the animals." This is clearly an advantage and so leads to the pigs taking over the farm. There is a sense of leadership very soon after Old Major's death as the three pigs, Snowball, Napoleon and Squealer arrange meetings with the other animals and already begin to give orders. "You do not need sugar," says Snowball. It is evident here that Snowball believes that he has power over the other animals already. Further on during the second chapter Snowball and Napoleon send for a ladder, proving that they think they can use the animals to do jobs and progresses more in chapter 3 when they believe that they can direct and supervise the other animals and not actually do the work themselves. In chapter two Napoleon says, "Comrade Napoleon will lead the way." Using the word "lead" shows that the pigs think of themselves as more than just teachers and even have their own headquarters soon after. It is clear to us that the pigs are using their intelligence to trick the other animals and play mind games with them. Orwell describes Snowball as a "more vivacious pig than Napoleon." ...read more.


Unlike Snowball, Napoleon uses brutal force to control the animals and get them to do what he wants. This frightens the animals and they start to confess to crimes that they haven't even comitted. "They were all slain on the spot. The tale of confessions and executions went on, until there was a pile of corpses lying before Napoleon's feet." Here Napoleon has played mind games with the animals so much that they even confess to being in league with Snowball when really they are not. Napoleon again is jealous and cannot handle the fact that some of the animals would want Snowball as their leader instead of him so he kills them. Throught the novel Napoleon is constantly blaming all the problems that happen on the farm on Snowball and reminding them that he is a traitor. He says, "Snowball was in league with Jones from the very start!" Napoleon is able to trick the animals into thinking anything and they believe him. This makes the novel full of irony as we can see what the pigs are doing but the animals are totally oblivious to it. It is quite clear that Snowball was never in league with Jones as he was heavily dedicated to Animalism. ...read more.


By misleading the animals, the pigs are able to obtain whatever they want and manipulate them into believing things. Also when Frederick and his followers blow up the windmill, Squealer twists it around to show that they have not failed but have won a battle. "You do not appreciate, the mighty thing we have done. The enemy was in occupation of this very ground that we stand upon. And now-thanks to the leadership of Comrade Napoleon-we have won every inch of it back again!" Squealer is making it out to be a good thing maybe because Napoleon wants the animals to still think of him as a great leader. The animals soon believe that what they have done is great and so join in with the celebrations. Another use of Squealer by Napoleon is to increase the belief that Snowball is a menace so they think of Napoleon as a better leader and Snowball as a traitor. Napoleon is always maintaining his power throughout the novel and also uses Squealer to do this by giving credit to Napoleon for everything and reminding the animals that he is a great leader even if what he is doing is wrong. This way the pigs are able to benefit greatly from communism which is what they wanted from the rebellion. They show no interest in improving the farm itself but only in the strength of their power over it. ...read more.

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