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Animal Farm - Squealer.

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Animal Farm Squealer Squealer, a pig, plays a very important role in "Animal Farm." Squealer is the most powerful weapon which Napoleon possesses to control the other animals in the farm. He is the parallel of a propaganda chief in dictatorships like Soviet Russia where propaganda was needed in order to keep the people under control and make the believe in the dictator and whatever he does or may be planning to do. Squealer takes advantage of the other animal's ignorance and exploits it to an unimaginable level. He has excellent talking skills and was believed to be able to turn black into white, and indeed he did. In the early days after the revolution he used to manipulate the animals into thinking that if they should not listen to the pigs, somehow Jones would return. ...read more.


In other cases he used graphic descriptions to make the animals believe something. For example when the animals thought that Boxer sold and sent to his death, he explained that the clinic had just bought the knacker's van and had not painted out the writing. He then described Boxer at his death bed and made up Boxer's last words, and so the animals were assured. After Snowball was unjustly exiled from the farm, Squealer managed to convince the other animals that he was a traitor and that he was working for Jones. He also persuaded the animals into believing that the idea of the windmill was originally Napoleon's idea and was stolen by Snowball. After his disappearance he was used as a scapegoat for every problem or inexplicable mishap such as the destruction of the windmill or the mysterious milking of the cows. ...read more.


Squealer managed to create a very great image of Napoleon. In actual fact Napoleon was very cruel, evil, and his only concern was his self and power. Squealer made him seem like a God who looked out for the well being of all the animals and worked very hard to lead them. Squealer created a great trust for Napoleon, hence the phrase "if Napoleon says it, it must be right." We see these kind of irrational trusts and God-like images of leader in dictatorships like with Stalin in the Soviet Union and Saddam Hussein in Iraq which shows the power of propaganda. George Orwell wrote this book to show how power corrupts, and Squealer plays an essential part as he is all the lies, propaganda, and control of the people allowing the corruption to continue. He symbolizes what could be newspapers, posters, radio stations or propaganda chiefs in a corrupt dictatorship. ...read more.

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