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Animal Farm - Write an alternative ending to the story in replace of chapter 10.

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"Animal Farm" GCSE Coursework Question: Write an alternative ending to the story in replace of chapter 10. Begin your chapter the same way as Orwell. "Years passed. The seasons came and went the short animals lives fled by ..." Years passed. The seasons came and went the short animal's lives fled by. It was in the middle of winter in 1969. A hard frost had clung to the air. One evening when the animals were resting after their hard work Squealer and Napoleon came staggering on their stout legs over to the animals with their whips raised high in the air. "I believe comrades that you all have disrespected my idea on the removal of Boxer, now you will pay the consequences." Shouted Napoleon. "As you Benjamin were the one to start a big fuss you will be first to suffer the consequences!" Benjamin was in such a great fury at Squealer and Napoleon that he shouted with anger in his voice "over my dead body!" Suddenly Benjamin and the animals ran as fast as their legs could carry them until there was no sight of Napoleon, Squealer and the dogs. ...read more.


He poured it into the dogs' bowls in the quiet, stillness of the night. As for Clover she couldn't sleep. Her eyes were peering out of the barn windows. Her great mane shaking like a leaf. Benjamin then managed with great success to put the bowls in their rightful positions and set off for the barn looking smugly satisfied. The following day Napoleon had received a very important phone call from Mr. Pilkington. His head was throbbing and he felt very ill indeed. As soon as his conversation was over with Mr Pilkington he told Squealer to tell the animals to take the day off as Napoleon had arranged a meeting with Mr Pilkington and he wanted Mr Pilkington to think that things were going well at Animal Farm, that a holiday was given each week. Squealer ran as fast as his tiny stout legs could carry him and he immediately said to the pigs "today comrades you get a work free day because of your previous hard work" once they heard this they were so happy. ...read more.


As they made their first move they were startled by the bursting of doors. The animals had stampeded their way in killing everyone in sight until only Napoleon was left. It was Napoleon against the animals that he had treated with cruelty for half their lives. There was nothing that he could do. It was the end for him and he knew that as well. So he sprang up as quick as lightning and said "please comrades I will give you what you desire please just spare me my life?" "Not this time Napoleon" shouted Benjamin at the top of his voice "we are going to get you, the way you got us and that is a promise!" By the look on Napoleons face you could tell that he was truly terrified by what Benjamin said. Seconds later Clover emerged from the crowd and shouted "attack!" this was the last of cruel Napoleon the pig. Animal Farm was restored to the way it was at the beginning with the correct seven commandments of old Majors and all of the animals had lived their lives the way they had dreamed of. Freedom. ?? ?? ?? ?? John Mulgrew 11B 1 ...read more.

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