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Animal Rights

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ANIMAL RIGHTS Some people believe that keeping animals in laboratories maybe justified when, for example, experiments on them stop suffering or disease in humans. However, I believe that animal testing is a cruel and inhumane way of discovering new medicines. I believe that there are quicker, more efficient ways of finding cures for humans, and that animal experimentation should be banned. Today, there are laws in many countries to reduce the suffering of animals in all types of experimentation in laboratories. I believe this is not enough! I think that animals should not be used in any type of experimentation, especially those used for beauty products. ...read more.


However this was reported to be one of few drugs that have gone wrong in the past and all of these experiments were carried out before the ninety's. Another reason I believe animal testing should be banned is because many of the experiments carried out these days are only slight variations of experiments that have already been tested before, in the past. And many of these experiments are exactly the same to other experiments that have already been carried out before, in the past. For example, sleep deprivation, where an animal, usually a cat, is not allowed to sleep for up to seven days. This experiment has been carried out many times over the past twenty years. ...read more.


Animal liberationists break the law to prove that scientists are lying to judges and that they are carrying out illegal procedures. Although they are finding criminal's animal liberationists can still get sent to jail because they are breaking the law. Due to this there are fewer liberationists, which means that once again scientists are getting away with breaking the law. To conclude, I feel that I have outlined some of the main issues with animal testing and have weighed out both for and against equally. I think that animal testing should only be used in extreme cases and that there is someone in the legal trade watching all aspects of the procedure. Anyone caught breaking the law should be severely dealt with and fined. ...read more.

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