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Animal Rights.

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Animal Rights A percentage of the population believe that non-humans, otherwise known as animals, have rights similar to humans, so doesn't this mean that animals should be treated with similar respect to us? However, in most cases, this is not true. On one hand, many people see some animals (their pets) as members of their families. On the other hand, these very same people think nothing about eating animals other than pets, wearing skins, using them in experiments, or exploiting them for entertainment in films, circuses, and zoos. Wouldn't you say that's the reason for Zoos, to make profit from keeping animals in captivity? Some may say that "Zoo's are here for the breeding of endangered animals to prevent extinction." It is either right or wrong (obviously wrong) to keep animals captive, endangered or not, let alone using them to make profit, which is, in the end what happens. And, what is the reason for them becoming endangered in the first place? Us humans, killing them for sport, amusement and money. I bet all of you have heard of Darwin's Theory of evolution. ...read more.


However, there is simply no defect that is possessed by animals that is not also possessed by some group of human beings. There are some humans for example who are severely impaired and will never fit into their environment as actively as a healthy dog. Nevertheless, we would never think of using such humans in experiments, or eating them. It is even said by the very conservative federal health authorities that meat is not necessary for a healthy diet, and many health care professionals now say that eating meat can have a negative affect on human health. Despite this lack of necessity to eat animals, we nevertheless kill billions of animals every year for no better reason other than that we enjoy the taste of flesh. Furthermore, how many people do you know who are vegetarian? I'm sure you've met a lot of vegetarians whom are all fit and alive as people who eat the flesh of animals' day in and day out, and this further proves that we do not need to eat meat. Also, a note on experimenting...there's no point in it as how do we know that what may appear to be ok on animals, be good for humans? ...read more.


Besides, you have other options than wearing dead skin for clothing, that serves its purpose (to keep us warm) and that is fashionable at the same time. So to sum it all up, fashion is not fur, so don't wear it! Now carefully think about this now that you have read it. Is it seriously worth killing all of those animals? Shouldn't they be treated and respected as humans are? I haven't even covered all the reasons of why they should be, but I think that these are far more than enough reasons to consider and accept. Hopefully we can only hope for the prevention of such demeaning and unnecessary acts. Already there are new but only a few laws on animal cruelty. There needs to be much more in order to make any noticeable change in this situation. This is where you come in; all you have to do is act upon the vicious murder of innocent animals. In order to raise more awareness of animal cruelty, join one of the animal cruelty campaigns. Just by doing this you will feel wonderful as you are doing something good and just that may just help animals survive and live a better life. Kavita Patel 12.1 English Language Coursework ...read more.

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