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"Animal Rights, Human Wrongs" vs

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"Animal Rights, Human Wrongs" vs. "The Damned Humans Race" Baraka Star Williams English 102-01 Dr. Ngwang August 1, 2005 "Animal Rights, Human Wrongs" vs. "The Damned Human Race" "Animal Rights, Human Wrongs" by Tom Regan and "The Damned Human Race" by Mark Twain are more similar than different. Both of the authors are informing the readers about the mentality of some human beings in regard to animals. One of the authors, Tom Regan provides several examples of the tactics man uses to harm animals. Mark Twain's method compares so called lower animal to the human being. In both stories, the way that man treats animals is injustice. Tom Regan tells how human beings have developed a more advance technology that will kill a whale in the matter of minutes. ...read more.


The hunter slaughters seventy- two buffalos; however only one buffalo was eaten, and the others were left to decay. Once again a group of animals was killed for the enjoyment of man. Mark Twain compares a human being to an anaconda snake. For example, seven calves were thrown into a cage with the frightening anaconda snake. The snake only ate one of the calves, and it was satisfied; whereas, an unsuccessful gibbon hunt caused other gibbons to be at danger. Tom Regan wrote about a case, when man tried to capture a infant gibbon from its mother. The gibbon and her infant were brutally hunted. After the shots hit the gibbon, it leaped from branch to branch until it reached its last breath. ...read more.


The different products are tested to establish the eye-irritancy of products such as: mouthwash, talc, toothpaste and cologne. Mark Twain informs readers how monks are burnt to death. Before the method of burning the monks to death, the monks suffered until death. In contrast, the authors' concept was slightly different. Tom Regan focuses mainly on the usage of animals for research and the convenience of man. Regan disagrees of humans denying animals of any rights. He shows how animals endure so much pain, so that life for man is improved. Mark Twain's thoughts stress man's indifference to animals, as well as, the state of human beings. He manipulates the reader's thoughts of the so called lower animal into the higher animal. Twain's interpretation of human beings is that they are the lower animals, and those animals are more superior to humans. Both stories expose the injustice of animals and the inhumanity of man. ...read more.

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