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Animal testing

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Animal testing Animal testing is a rather controversial subject that many people have a very strong opinion on. In this article we will be discussing whether the benefits of animal testing outweigh the suffering caused. This article will take detailed looks at both the advantages and disadvantages coming to a clear conclusion after looking at the advantages and disadvantages of animal testing. For many years medical research had advanced via the help which is quite obviously an advantage. Thanks to animal testing new medical advances have occurred when they are not likely to have done without the aid of animal testing. Vaccines for diseases such as tetanus, polio and TB which have all nearly completely eradicated the disease they are trying to stop had all been approved by animal testing. Even many years before the small pox vaccine that was not tested on animals but the cow played a vital roll in making the vaccine. ...read more.


The drug though was unknown by scientists to cause deformities in the developing foetus of a women. Prove to some that testing drugs on animals does not work. Also another case of animal testing gone wrong is penicillin. Penicillin was tested on mice and was said to kill humans as the mice had died. Penicillin was then only first used on humans when one of the drugs testers had to use it as his last hope for his dying daughter who was suffering from blood poisoning. He did not expect it to work as it had killed the mice, but it worked and now penicillin is one of the most used drugs in the world as it is a drug that stops an internal infection. Prove to many that animal testing does not work and is misleading. For many years there has been many protest made by people regarding the morality of animal testing, and that point is thought of very strongly. ...read more.


An other argument from a person who believes that animal testing is morally is that few animals every really receive any pain as they are killed before they have a chance to suffer, but of course the feeling given out by animal rights protester are that it is morally wrong just to kill the animal for what they see as no fit reason. It is clear to see that for every advantage that people give for animal testing that some people will give a disadvantage of it. So it is quite hard to come to a clear conclusion in whether animal testing is right or wrong. But when I pondered the issue of animal testing, the first thing that popped into my mind was, "Would I rather have some rats suffer and maybe die, or would I like to watch a loved one die a slow death?" The answer to this question was easy for me. How about you? ...read more.

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