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Anita and me coursework

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Anita and me review! Have you seen "Anita and Me"? Anita and Me a work of excellence! A perfect combination of comedy and drama. This is the award winning movie of the year and is a must to see. It is based on the best selling autobiographical novel by Meera Syal who also stars in the film. The basic story involves Chandeep Uppal (Meena) and Anna Brewster (Anita), who have two completely different personalities which blend perfectly to form a fascinating friendship. The plot shows how Anita's life is influenced both by British and Indian culture and this film also concentrates on friendship and culture at its most poignant! The plot revolves around a typical Indian Punjabi girl "Meena" and her relationship with a white girl Anita. Meena is an imaginative character, with a wise head on young shoulders but one who retains a child like liveliness. Its part of the joy of "Anita & Me" to see these relationships and scenarios develop. Furthermore it is very uplifting to see a film that is so anti-race, and anti-religious. This idyllic existence of Tollington, where the film is set, is upset by the relationship between Anita Rutter and her dysfunctional family and Meena. Anita is 14, blonde and beautiful -exactly what Meena's dream is to be. Meena becomes part of Anita's world, but events do not run smoothly. ...read more.


Tollington has a row of terraced houses clustered around the crossroads, there are countless miles of flat green fields stretching as far as the eye could see, which is the center of attention in Tollington. In contrast to this, Metin Huseyin also uses extreme close ups quite often in the film. One of them is when Meena's relatives come to visit them. Her Aunt Sheila steps on dog shit! The extreme close ups emphasizes the dog faeces as it is shown really closely. This also gives you a good laugh as you can tell it is on the theme of comedy. It also then becomes more amusing as her Aunt uses rude language to express her feelings and thoughts. The audience would adore this segment of the film as it is a barrel of laughs! Skillfully, when Anita is introduced in the film the director Metin Huseyin uses a long shot and a slow motion to welcome Anita. She appears in a puff of smoke with romantic background music to indicate Meena's admiration with this blonde beauty, like it was a magical, wish come true. The director has given a lot of thought to make this scene appear like a dream sequence. As Meena try's to communicate, all of a sudden she disappears into a cloud of smoke As well as using extreme long shots, the director Metin Huseyin also uses lighting in an effective and unique way. ...read more.


Comparing the two family's to two different cultures Meena's family wear bright saris' and Meena herself wears different colours of Asian salwar kameez, decorated with embroidery. The hairstyles are also a mixture of sixties hairdos and seventies flares. The crazy 70s theme adds to more hilarious parts in the film. The director uses specialist film terms For example: Meena's constant voice over washes through scenes where agitation between the two cultures is explored. For example: when Meena's extended family arrives to visit and the white neighbours gather and stare. Meena is more interested in not being embarrassed by stray kisses from relatives and does not comment on the discomfort that her parents are experiencing. The director uses long shots to highlight the contrast between the working class community and Meena's extended family. For example at the village fair when the bikers arrive the wide angled, long shot encompasses both the Indian extended family as well as the villagers. Overall, this zany humorous film grabs your attention from the very start. It mixes in heartache with desperation and ups and downs of teenage emotions. This is most appealing to teenagers and young adults as it explores teenage emotion and teenage angst at its most poignant! This is one of the main morals in the film which helps teenagers to understand that they are not alone; it also helps parents to remember what their teenage years were like. Go out, buy, watch. Enjoy and relax, that's an order! ...read more.

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