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Anna Smith: Dramatic Monologue

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Anna Smith: Dramatic Monologue I'm not sure at what point I began to realise, well, started admitting to myself, that my name is Anna Smith, and I'm a delinquent. (Disillusioned, I'm not sure of anything.) Like I said I'm not even sure when it became apparent but like most things I own, my friends my parents, myself, I lost it all, just let go. There wasn't much I could do about it, I'm not even sure when it started. No wait, that's a lie, it started exactly three years ago to this day, on my Birthday. After school when he took me out for dinner. My parents don't know, and I'm not about to tell them, its something I need to deal with myself, its not that they won't help, they can't help. You see, I used to think if I let things get worse, they'd finally know something's wrong - so I started smoking. ...read more.


Before he left I made sure everyone knew we were together, just in case the holding hands was too vague. I heard the folks talking about it afterwards, I was thinking 'My parents know, I've won. They're going to have to rethink everything, its all going to be brand new. They're going to have to stand up, accept my challenges. Discipline me. Love me.' In the morning, the ' brand new' morning, nothing happened. I smiled, 'Bye Mum, bye Dad I'm going to school but I won't be back till late, Mick's taking me.' Pause. They looked at each other looked at me and waved, 'Happy Birthday dear, have a good day and say high to Michael for us!' I stepped out the house. I was half way down the road when my mother caught up with me. 'Your Father didn't want to say anything but take this, it's a big day for you.' ...read more.


I drifted like driftwood, from night to night, party to party, Tom, Dick to Harry; my parents still didn't say anything. Don't feel sorry for me; please don't be stunned though. I'm just an ordinary girl, another pupil or preferably a statistic. An alcoholic, a drug abuser, someone's daughter and sometimes, just sometimes, a human being. I'm heading for a breakdown, I know it, I can sense it. I'm daring it to happen, like a stuntman on the telly that tries to leap twenty cars - the only difference? There's no trial run, or rerun. I'm riding a second hand tricycle held together with a lose screw and if I fall, theirs no safety net, nothing to catch me. Hold me. No parents, no friends, no faith, just a transparent boyfriend who I know isn't really there. He'll fall through or I'll fall through him. I'm not sure at what point, I began to realise, well, started admitting to myself, that my name is Anna Smith, and I'm a delinquent. Obi Ernest 13SB 1 English Coursework: Dramatic Monologue ...read more.

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