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Anne Weaver had been an orphan since a baby and had no memory of her parents. It had been difficult

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Gothic Novel By: Frida, Ebba och Neginak Ek3b Anne Weaver had been an orphan since a baby and had no memory of her parents. It had been difficult occasionally during her twenty three year life as there was little or no sympathy from people or society during these times and she had had to learn how to survive the hard way. She had never had a proper home and she had been living in an alley ever since she could remember with none of the comforts enjoyed by many others. Having managed to successfully beg for food, Anne was on her way home when she noticed a commotion. She moved closer to satisfy her curiosity and saw a stunning carriage drawn by four magnificent white horses. Out from the carriage stepped a tall, dark-haired man with a slim build, smartly dressed in a dark suit with tails and a bow tie. "What's going on here?" she wondered, however her question would not take long to be answered. "Anne Weaver?" the man shouted, "Is there an Anne Weaver here?" Anne's heart jumped as she heard her name, but before she could think about it she had pushed her way to the front of the crowd and said, "Yes my name is Anne Weaver, what's this about?" ...read more.


His name was Thomas Brook and he explained that it was he who lived closest to the castle; Anne took an instant liking to him and welcomed him inside. They sat and drank tea, it appeared very easy to talk to Thomas and she decided to ask him about the treasure as well. "Yes, of course I have heard about that", he said. "I wonder if it really is here somewhere." "My butler told me to forget about it and that it would only cause me problems" said Anne. "That seems strange, be careful, you never know who to trust; maybe he wants it himself", said Thomas, which made Anne feel very uneasy as to Francis' comments earlier. As the hour became late, Thomas excused himself and left for home. Anne had enjoyed his company as she could feel that it could become quite lonely sometimes and she looked forward to the next time they would meet. The fact that she found him very attractive did not make the thought any less appealing. During dinner and the rest of that evening Anne watched Francis' behaviour very carefully as she was not sure now if he was as trustworthy as she first thought. ...read more.


The sword and crown of King Richard will make me rich beyond comprehension, with you out of the way there is no-one to stop me taking it." With Anne now perilously close to the edge and a fatal fall, the wind started to howl, rain started to pour down and the skies were filled with loud claps of thunder and lightning. She closed her eyes and waited for the moment when ground was no longer beneath her feet and she would be falling helplessly in the night air; this time she would not wake up. Charging as fast as he could, with the treasure of King Richard in his hands, Francis plunged the sword into the back and through the heart of Anne's attacker. Thomas released his grip and stared disbelieving at the sharp metal emerging from his chest before falling forwards off the castle wall and into the abyss. His loud screams followed by a thud as he hit the ground, and then, silence. Anne threw herself into the arms of Francis, weeping with tears of relief and unable to talk for the fear she still felt. Francis held her close and said, "That treasure has been in this family for hundreds of years, and while we are here that is where it will stay". ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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